Certificate of Adoption

Hello all!

I don’t feel entirely well today, so if my post is somewhat weird, rushed, it’s probably due to my headache.


Jamaa Journal

The first page informs us of the kemurs, which are now available to be purchased by members!


To me, they look more like a cross of tarsiers and lemurs than lemurs- thanks to the large head and eyes, perhaps?


Also, for adventure-loving members, a new 2D Adventure is out!

That image looks amazing, AJHQ!48

I can’t wait for it to be for non-members if it ever will be-!


In addition, several jammers had been looking forwards to this feature…season-inthesun

It’s like the Animal Jam deviantART/Facebook eh? Liking… Liking…

Commenting are on the Jammer Walls- pretty sure of that.


In addition, the hospital upstairs in the Kimbara Outback’s Medical Center now belongs to someone…


Gabby Wild-!


Also, AJHQ might be bored and doing this for the sake of updates or fun, but:motivecat

I think it’s pretty cute! Now pets aren’t just pets, they have their own personalities too.

Except I won’t follow them for some pets, of course! Haha.


A self-explanatory page:loa

i have no comments.


Membership cards are out! I really like the one where it shows and underwater seal!


It shows such a harmonized community- beautiful work, I must say!


Jam Mart Clothing

Get the stage ready! Speakers, spotlights and the adoring crowd.

Get that ballet polished!


In the shop, these two- Ballet Shoes and Tutu- had made way to be the stars of the show!


Jam Mart Furniture

Wooden returning items!


Mailbox and Fridge- I wonder how does the fridge work??


Also, these items are leaving!awesomeness



Epic Wonders

The majestic carriage has parked just for us to admire it- and purchase it!


In addition, the winter-themed and two other items will be taking their leave!loa


Diamond Shop

Like sales? Like discounts?

Well, this one pet is UP FOR GRABS!


Two Diamonds, members-! That’s really something!


Also, in the pixelated mask set, the panda head is the newest one!


must say this one looks neat!


I don’t think I have posted this one, but a new sound track is out!

I believe it’s from the 2D-Adventure.


Also, lemurs are located in the Diamond Shop.






Entering Kimbara Medical Center, you might have been stopped by Gabby’s video, and that the name of the place has changed.prog-generalzoi2

Personally, I don’t really like the video! Poor horse- doesn’t seem to want to play a part in it.


Anyway, this is what the painting would look like. Note I have REMOVED the image and username.


The like button on the bottom left, a report sign on the bottom right.

NOTE: Once you have liked the image, you cannot UNLIKE IT (or as I have tried). If you have liked it, the heart will turn red.



Also, I think this is cute.top

My old bee has her own certificate! Due to being adopted a year ago, the date is UNKNOWN, but this certificate? I like it!


Legends of the Land

Haha, I know, the names are lame.
Anyway, that’s all for now! I need to manage other issues for the moment, and, yeah!
Jam on, have a nice day!

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