The Start of Autumn?

Hey all!
I have been waiting for this- eee-!


So, I have seen the homepage turn into this one before this update, but didn’t get to screen shot it back then, it was around a week or two ago, but, even without the Alphas, I like how friendly and warm the homepage is now. Even the ‘Animal Jam’ symbol on the tab turned golden-brown.


Maybe this is all due to Autumn?


Jamaa Journal


As we have been reminded, the Polar Bears are returning, and here they are!

Welcome back!



Also, this seems like a ‘Picture Gallery’ party, and I don’t think it’s necessary… I mean, we do have the Animal Jam gallery in Jamaa Township, but I guess Masterpieces aren’t submitted there.

Then what? Honestly, I’m not looking forwards to this party.


Also, the information of mostly returning items!


AJHQ does this sometimes- do they really have to place ‘New Items’ into the journal?



Also, the Spooky Party has returned again, and so are bats!

They’re probably hiding in the Spooky Party wallpaper- and that bat has the body shape of what I always wanted- eeek-!



Polar regions, cool! I’ve always wanted to visit Antarctica, you know?

Well, I’m not really into bats, but I’ll probably research about them some time later.



Also, the last page is an advertisement page, so people who had Arctic foxes before, you can purchase a second with real money for some items.

Frozen items.

No, I didn’t mean Disney’s Frozen, I-


Jam Mart Clothing

Alright then, clothing!

What are you going to dress up as, Jammers?

Though I won’t change my look, I’m curious of what everyone else will do for the day!


I thought that Superhero Mask item would be sold in Epic Wonders, actually!

Also, the Skeleton outfit here was on Epic Wonders last year.


Anyway, these bee outfits are leaving soon!


No, guys, the lamp head doesn’t count…


Jam Mart Furniture

It’s time for the Halloween celebration party! You can always decorate your den with these SPOOKY ITEMS!


Most of them were returning items, but I still like how most of them look!

Also, this item is taking their leave real soon!



Epic Wonders

So, these two items have returned for Halloween!


I still like how they use pink-purple instead of green for the potion!


Outback Imports

These hilarious items are on sale-!

“Happy Night of the Phantoms,” Graham said. “We might be Alphas, but surely we need to relax and have fun too! Let’s play dress-up and go trick or treating later!”

After Graham repeated this sentence and gotten under everyone’s skin, they decided to do it.

They’re really cute items, really…


Graham as… the Phantom of the Opera?

Sir Gilbert as Count Dracula (his pendant can shine, if I’m not mistaken?)

Liza as the Franken-Mummy


Bahari Bargains

In honour of Halloween, these two items have made a come back for this year!



Sunken Treasures

The Coral Tombstone has returned once more.


I’ll be honest and say I hope to see more original and new items…


Diamond Shop

As said, the Polar Bears have returned!



They have such a large built body.


Anyway, with the Rain Cloud gone, the Lightning Cloud has decided to strike and be on display!

Check it out!


Perfect for spooky, dramatic effects!

Also, the new claw has been released as a POLAR BEAR CLAW!


If the Golden Polar Bear Statue on top of the claw is what the plushie looks like, I don’t think I’ll like it…


Also, the Pixelated Arctic Fox Head and the Mummy Tail is sold in the Diamond Shop!screen-shot-2016-10-16-at-8-05-26-pm

I’ll be honest and say I quite like the Mummy Tail.


Also, the Bounce House is currently on sale!


So, the spiders have returned for October’s HALLOWEEN!



If I could have one, this is what they’d look like:screen-shot-2016-10-16-at-8-03-45-pmscreen-shot-2016-10-16-at-8-03-24-pm



This is the exhibition about ‘Polar Region’. I read the one on flowers, but just a bit, heehee.



Legends of the Land

Avalon’s Past- Part 7
    “Sky Mother!” cried Avalon, surprised to see her in the courtyard. It was not often to see Mira there. A few pandas were trimming the garden.
    Mira was overseeing the pandas, and she glanced towards Avalon’s direction. “Why, Avalon, hello, welcome back.”
    Mira’s voice was so sweet and soft, Avalon felt bad to go against her words. “Hello!” Avalon cried a little too cheerfully.
    “Where have you been?” asked Mira. “Gone for ten days…”
    “T-ten days?” cried Avalon. She didn’t realise she has been gone for so long to Harme.
    Mira nodded.
    Avalon didn’t want to spill the beans, so she took out the necklace instead. “Sky Mother, from my trip I have found a beautiful gem and stayed long making this necklace for you there as a gift from the barren land.”
    It wasn’t exactly a lie nor the truth either.
    Mira looked at the gem, sparkling under the sunlight. Even all the pandas stopped to see the wonder.
    “It’s lovely, Avalon,” Mira said, a hint of amazement in her voice. “Are you sure you want to part from it?”
    It was the only reason why I created it.
    “Yes,” she said.
    Handing it over to Mira, the Sky Mother slipped it over her head and it fell down to the base of her slender neck.
    Whispering under her breath, Avalon said,

“Show me him,
Him to her,
Bring him forth,
Her forth to him.”

    Suddenly, there was a cry from Mira, and tears suddenly poured down her face. The Sky Mother took slow step backwards, her eyes unfocused, large, as tears kept flowing out.
    She knew it at once. The Sky Mother was in pain. Quickly, Avalon lashed out, “Release!”
     Winds swirled around Mira. Avalon took steps backwards as the pandas rushed to assist Mira, who suddenly stumbled.
    She had to go. Now.
    As she took flight, the prophesy of the unknown creature rang in her head.

Those who try to follow his steps,
Shall forget and regret for near deaths.”

    She understood it now.
    The words wrapped around her head so tightly she didn’t hear another call from below, calling her name.
    All she could do now was regret.


Ooh, this one is quite long…

We still have an epilogue, so hang on tight for the final wrap-up!

Anyway, for those of who viewers who have a deviantART, I’m hosting a challenge to draw your characters in a Halloween costume! Those who are interested, you can proceed reading about it here.

Make sure to turn ON the mature filter and not stray away from the group if you’re underaged and need supervision!

Alright guys, that’s all for now, I need to wrap up my homework haha.

Have a great day, guys! Jam on!


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