The Phantoms Strikes Once More

Hello! So, yeah, I guess that today is blogging day again! It’s so quick!

Whoa, it seems so quick!


Jamaa Journal


I tried finding these bottles for some time but for two days, I never found any. I got demotivated. Oops.

AGAIN with these Phantom Journals. Alphas, are you even still doing you thing?




New, but old. I mean, a new idea, an old pet reformed.



WHAT. Are you SURE it’s not due to the fact they want to check whether or not their art is there and want more publicity…?

Oh well, I can’t help it if some art are good. When I visited again, it looks like AJHQ had some of those from last week when I visited still up. I wonder how do they work with putting pictures up?



I’m too lazy to find out. What- raptor? Zebra? Never mind.




So, new art video! The Phantom looks more decent that the round ones.



It seems like AJHQ didn’t want to sully this page. It’s their advertisement after all.



Jam Mart Clothing


The Lab Coat, Yeti Paws/Claws, Robot Mask and Zombie Mask.

Two real new items. They’re decent too! Yay!


Jam Mart Furniture

The Spooky Set!



Epic Wonders


Halloween goodness has arrived at Epic Wonders! Quick- before Halloween ends, buy your favourite items and dress up!

AJHQ seem to have a glitch on large items. These also appear with bat wings on ‘add a buddy’ JAG.



As October slowly slips away, the Opal Birthstone will soon too!


Bahari Bargains


In a singing voice: ♪ Returning items, returning items ♫


Diamond Shop

These tarantulas are leaving soon! Cheetahs on sale!screen-shot-2016-10-30-at-9-01-04-pm



Tarantulas used to be a Monthly Member Gift

Also, where Mira once was, the towering Phantom statue now stands, harbouring it’s offsprings.


Rare phantoms.

A members’ only pet- not so fond of the colour choices.screen-shot-2016-10-30-at-9-02-14-pm


Choices to make when deciding to create one.screen-shot-2016-10-30-at-9-03-52-pm

The purple wasn’t very nice for phantoms so I went for a pink one with a soft glow…



AJHQ has changed the management of the world map.

Now to access shops, I need to click on that drop-down box. Frustrating for me, since I need to go to every shop in a short amount of time.screen-shot-2016-10-30-at-8-55-35-pm


Also, I caught the Spooky Party! My main objective was to find the bat, but since I was there, I checked the stores too.


The same old Bones.


I like how interesting they look- especially the hat and heels- wait a MINUTE, aren’t those claws sold in the Jam Mart Clothing days ago?



The TV looks cute, and I like the items! The gargoyle looks fearsome yet rather comical, the Phantom Stained Glass is AMAZING.

I’d get one if I could.

The I went to the next page.


Disappointing, really…


Anyway, I FOUND the bats! They moved place to the first floor.


Choices to make for a bat.

If I could have one, here’s my bat:


The name changed, but since the first a bat was released, this was approximately it.

I still want one.


Legends of the Land




That concludes the tale of Avalon! Now, time to stress on who to write about  next ahah.

I will be making a page soon to log all these stories into one so it’s easier to find and read!

Alright all, be prepared for Halloween tomorrow, though I don’t celebrate it- have fun! Jam on and have a nice day!


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