Autumn Items Pourin’ In


Seeing my stats, and there’s zero views… Must be the exam season, huh?

Or perhaps I don’t post on those days ahah. Of course… Silly me-!

Anyway, I’m a bit on a rush, next week is going to be jam-packed with a LOT of tests. Phew!


Jamaa Journal

There are no new news from AJHQ this week.


Jam Mart Clothing

As the sweet music floated into the air, I opened the shop, new items welcoming me…


The Leaf Patten Skirt, Turkey Hat and the Pilgrim Hat has joined us in the market.

Still… Why Patten?

I don’t get it…


Jam Mart Furniture

screen-shot-2016-11-13-at-10-34-01-pm We have the Acorn Tea Set, Rake and Leaf Pile and the Maple Leaf Rug.

I’ve always liked the Acorn Tea Set- they’re so cute!


Diamond Shop

May I be the one to remind the goat’s departure is soon, and that lions are on sale!

I wish that there would be discounts everywhere like with my favourite artists on dA…


Anyway, I thought these guys just got here. Why are you leaving so soon?

I still remember making a post of your return! I can’t remember when, but I remembered it was when I was still on the PC and able to compile all the pictures together!

Anyway, the Fantasy Set is leaving as well since last week.

Is that ‘4 Days Left’ I spy…

At least it’s not a party-!


Also, the Polar Bear Claw is leaving!


Ooh! I can’t wait to see what the next one would be!


An addition to our pixel heads…

Monkeys! This one look really simple, but I think I want it to have a visible nose.


Last but not least from the Diamond Shop…


The Crystal Palace is leaving! This gigantic beauty!

Before all these big dens came, the Princess Castle/Palace was considered as one of the largest dens-! It was one of my favourites too.


Epic Wonders

Majority of people in this world loves music, I’m sure.


AJHQ presents us this interesting item! I must say, it is cute!


Treetop Gardens


To be honest, I’m a bit shocked by this, I mean Halloween is over, but who says pumpkins only exist during Halloween anyway?

Get a grip on yourself, Rainbow.


Legend of the Lands

The Hidden Falls

Part 2
    Graham already finished with Greely’s monocle. Greely wasn’t Graham’s favourite, but he made it extra nice for him today. Any equipment broken in such a short amount of time would not be good for his reputation!
    He began to polish the smooth plates of metals for the gauntlets. Humming a song, a monkey suddenly called from outside and tossed a scroll. Graham immediately opened it.
    “There is no time, get the word Phantoms are quickly spreading to Sir Gilbert! I know he’s near you, and my messages couldn’t get to him, they keep getting intercepted.
    Graham gulped. He glanced at the equipment. If they were going to battle Phantoms, Sir Gilbert would need the gauntlets as soon as possible, and Graham would need to invent new traps and fix up more armour. If he left, the monkeys in the camp would be rocking a party without a care in the world. However, sending a monkey in his place might not be a very good idea…
    Graham needed strong animals who can fend themselves from whatever has been intercepting Liza’s messages.
    He took a parchment and started writing.

It’s really short, I know… Sorry…


Anyway, that concludes my post. I wish everyone a great November and jam on!


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