Friday Update?

Hello Jammers!

It’s not new that AJHQ released an update on another day that’s not Thursday. They did it before, and so it happens again here!


Jamaa Journal


As winter begins, deer return back to Jamaa, enjoying the blissful winter…



Anyway! Skullys! What? Skullys?

It’s so weird! I mean, there’s the -s rule on ys, such as that plural of words with vowels before the y, such as key and tray, to just add a letter behind in, while if it’s a constant before the y, such as family and company, we change the to ies.

So, like, keystraysfamilies and companies.

Why isn’t the plural Skullies???



Anyway! Enough of English class- looks like that Polar Bear is adorable! Also, that new set looks delicious… Mmm…



In addition, AJHQ reminds us of the Daily Gifts of Jamaaliday. Also… where’s the penguin in that image? I’m pretty sure there should be one…


Coming Soon… A new animal again?

One: That is a space filler.

Two: WE HAVE ENOUGH NEW ANIMALS. Back then new animals were quite rare… yes, I know, I’m saying this again.

Anyway, not only the items are re-runs, so are the video clips!


Also, I’ll try to keep a watch out for this party. I can’t wait! 2017 is so close, guys!


Lastly, a self-explanatory advertisement.



Jam Mart Clothing


We have these festive items coming in! I know the apron (top right) is new, but I’m not sure of the fluff (middle row, left).



Jam Mart Furniture

I apologise! Everything is so cluttered here!

Anyway, more festive items! I think the Gingerbread Men were part of last year’s Jamaaliday Gifts. In any case, the Snowman was hiding in the last few pages, so better remember to find the poor guy if you need one!



Topiary Shop

The newly cut and decorated lit topiaries are ready and proudly presented at the floor level of Sarepia Forest. In addition, they added the new animals, like the Toucan, Lemur and Pig. Sadly, they’re members only.



Shiveer Shop


These stylish earmuffs are on sale in Mt. Shiveer, don’t forget to but one today and complete that Christmas outfit!



Diamond Shop

Anyway, the new armour, proudly presented and displayed…




Mmm, looks delicious!





Anyway, here are the separate parts of the Gingerbread Armo(u)r.


This one doesn’t look like an armour, just a delicious treat!

Excuse me as I nibble on the helmet…


One thing I’m rather upset about is that AJHQ releases past Monthly Member Gifts as items in the Diamond Shop. This is one of them.


It was released in December back then, I can’t find the message anymore…


Anyway, this once Beta item…


It’s appearance changed a lot due to the more 3D style AJ has adapted to. It looks a lot like keychains, maybe I should contact AJHQ if I can buy one in real life and hang it on my keys.


Anyway, a new pixelated head items in honour of the deer…screen-shot-2016-12-16-at-7-07-36-pm


Not to forget our mischievous little new pets:


Wait, OK… Is it sick?


Polar Bears has a bright colour palette to pick from. I’m disliking the function of the second colour more and more. It often doesn’t show up on the animal…


Anyway, pet foxes are on sale!


…By one Diamond.



Bahari Bargains


The Jamaaliday Necklace returns, hoping to make the sea a festive place… for members.




Sunken Treasures


The snowman! You get a free octopus pet alongside it! Yay!

Not really.



Legends of the Land


The Hidden Falls

Part 4
    Graham didn’t know many things. He was just at the higher lands. He also moved to the falls to interact with Sir Gilbert more, but due to how busy he was nowadays, Graham never found the time to visit him again.
    What Graham doesn’t know is that Phantoms had heard two Alphas are currently in the place. They’re waiting for the moment to lunge. Multiplying, breeding, creating a smashing-phantom that would paralyse one so badly they couldn’t move for hours.
    What Graham does know is that there are dangers, but he did not expect Sir Gilbert to have known. The gates and enchanted crystals, they were the work of Sir Gilbert. He feared the Phantoms would enter his camp and terrorise the training tigers. Only those with wits could pass his test. The place where Phantoms would try to find him.
    For when the warriors Graham send reach him, Sir Gilbert will know whether they’re worthy or not.
    However, they do not know that Greely had sent scouts to aid these warriors.


I think it’s just odd, that in The Hidden Falls, where Graham, the Alpha of monkeys, send us wolves and tigers, warriors, to Sir Gilbert’s place, leader of tigers, that there are wolves along the path giving us tips. So, in how I imagined it to be, it would be Greely, representative of wolves, who sent scouts to report back to him if there’s anything.


So, this concludes my post. Don’f forget to check the items that were released for Jamaalidays on this post! It’s updated up to Friday, 16th December 2016.

Also, I will be leaving tomorrow, Saturday 17th December 2016. I am thus unable to post. However, right on 1st of January 2017, a Sunday, I will return and make a grand post, after all, it’s new year!

In addition, I’ve been planning to blog more next year. For now, I’ll lie low first, and decide next year.

Other than that, I wish you all a very merry Christmas!

Jam on!


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