Snowman Fort

Hello! So, another Sunday yet again. Phew!

I’ll be a little quick on this because I still need to wrap up my HW.


Jamaa Journal

No new update this week.


Jam Mart Clothing


Despite that Christmas is over, winter is still ongoing! The Snowman Mask makes another appearance!


Jam Mart Furniture


These items had appeared in the past days.

From left to right:

Snow Fort Pennant     |     Snow Fort Wall     |     Giant Snowy Paw Print

Snowboard     |     Snow Shovel     |     Frozen Phantoms

The appearance of the Frozen Phantoms really thrilled me! I love those icy Phantoms when I pass by them in Jamaaliday Rescue!

Diamond Shop

Remember, Pet Penguins are still on sale!


Legends of the Land


>> I couldn’t really find an idea, but after seeing this item on Play Wild, I got inspired!


Yes, it is a vague painting. I want to interpret it, and so here is what I think about it-! It’s more of a descriptive writing than narrative, to be honest, so I apologize for the lack of plot! <<


Greely’s Dream
Part 1

    I plunged into the void. The black darkness enveloping me. A burst of colours appeared before me, blinding me momentarily.
    Zios, do you always have to send me such weird visions?
    Colour after colour flashed by my eyes. Suddenly, it all stopped. I was in the darkest abyss. The darkness swirled around me slowly, as if it was trying to wake. I cautiously stepped forwards. It was more like a lucid dream than a vision from Zios.
    Each step I took, the darkness swirled. It was pitch black, and even I, Greely, couldn’t see my paws. I gazed ahead. Light!
    It surprised me that I was desperate for light. However, the victorious feeling didn’t last long.
    I plunged down as the ground gave way.


In my previous tales, I’ve always portrayed Greely to be different. One of them also includes that he gets dreams and visions from Zios. I haven’t explained why, maybe that shall be my next tale.


Honestly, I was surprised. Are the items really this little?

Oh well, I need to return to my homework.


Jam on everyone!


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