CNY Update!

Hello! Sorry I’m late! I had to wrap up  my homework.

Haha I know! It’s so late now..


Anyway, let’s get on to the post-!



Jamaa Journal


Page one: It reveals the mystery animal AJHQ has been telling us about in the past few Jamaa Journals! So, we have yet another milder animal in our chaotic world, Jamaa- welcome!



In addition, this year, the Chinese zodiac animal is the Rooster! I guess AJHQ has decided to partake in Chinese festivities as well, and, voilà! We have our beloved roosters coming in play as well! I will further elaborate below-!



A new adventure has come to light- in honour of Chinese new year (CNY). I will further elaborate on CNY tomorrow-! I’m afraid I won’t have time today eheh.

Fun fact: The Chinese words on the envelope means ‘big/great ancient’.



As February draws near as well, the Friendship Armour makes a return, and so will various Valentines day items! I can’t wait to collect them all-!



In addition, dolphins has decided to venture the oceans! I do wish we’ll get to see an arctic island like a mini-Antarctica or North Pole when they come back, or a tropic island would be cool! Somewhere where it can only be accessed by sea??

Also, Penguins are still on sale, oh, I thought it’d be over by now-

Better grab one if you want one! It’s a pretty good offer for the animal itself. I mean, from 1000 gems to 500, not bad!



Lastly, an advertisement from AJHQ. I won’t be getting one since they don’t sell it here, but I heard that they store extremely cute items!!



Jam Mart Furniture

We have ourselves returning items, folks! It’s been a while since I saw that chest!

Anyway, from left to right, these items are:

Pink Chest     |     Heart Welcome Mat     |     Rose Table

Snow Fort Corner Wall     |     Frozen Banner

Epic Wonders


It’s now 22 January 2017, and in days, January’s over, and the time for a new birthstone has come. If you adore garnets or have a birthday on January, this gem is just for you-!



Treetop Gardens


Behold, these Carnations are soon no longer present with us in stores. Purchase them if you desire their beauty…



Diamond Shop


As mentioned above, the Friendship Armour is back! I’m not particularly fond of this set, but I like the design of the wings and amulet!


Other than that, we have a new item in the shop!


The Heart Cloud! I tried clicking on it and no animation(s) showed up. I’m not sure if it rains down hearts or anything, but who knows?


Other that that, the fluffy sheep is now in the store, the Heartstone/Spiritstone set on the Arctic wolf statue’s paws. Well, that’s how I explained why you can buy animals from the statue from my story the ‘Diamond Shop’. Hmm, it’s been a while, isn’t it?

I love how feeble and cute this animal looks. I especially love all the swirly designs chiselled onto their fur. However, I think their fur looks too solid.


Anyway, the pets!

The new rooster- it looks cute up there! I like how AJHQ drew the rooster! It’s so adorable!

Also, the penguin is still on sale, and the monkey will leave soon!

I bought myself a rooster because I think it’s adorable, also I think it’s great to buy lots of this and invest in it! It’s not until 2029 that the it’s the Year of the Rooster again!


The colour palette looks like normal and not any brighter/darker- phew!

I couldn’t find a name I like for my rooster, and decided that, perhaps, Hazywhisp would be cute.

These are the rooster(s) on Animal Jam’s Play Wild!






We have two new things- the New Year’s Fortune adventure and Year of the Rooster party.

Let’s go to the party first.

To get in, the requirement is to have a pet rooster. It’s a bit harsh, especially for newer Jammers, but it’s all for the festivities, I guess. I went on my spare to purchase soom goods.


I love the Chinese feel it has, and the music and setting is amazing! It looks like the party on Play Wild, but, oh well-!


There’s the shop-!


Aww, I really wanted the lanterns. I bought a couple of those because they’re adorable!!

Here we are, enjoying fireworks-!screen-shot-2017-01-20-at-11-49-06-pm


The adventure itself is ‘hosted’ by Liza.


I will elaborate on this tomorrow, and now a peek of the adventure.


The dragon acts like a compass, which is funny, because the Chinese invented the compass. The nearer you are to the hong bao (red envelope), the dragon would be warmer.

If the dragon is blue and the swirling aura is massive, then you are far from it. Real far. Travel some more. If the blue ring decreases in size, you are in the right track.

Soon, it will turn green. It means you’re getting closer. Kind of like neutral?

Then, when it bursts out fire, that means you’re close! It keeps breathing out more and more fire the closer you get until you reach the spot.

The red envelope can give you items and gems. It’s interesting, and I have yet to collect all the possible items. The catch and the hard thing of this adventure is that you need to be quick!


Also, AJHQ has a new den, the Snow Palace.


I love this item! I wish that they’d release it in adventures hehe.

I tried finding the item. It was pretty tricky because it’s a huge den. The tip is that you just have to try on any unreleased item!

I finally found it, and it’s cute!!

I wish I could own one myself, and this item is really different from the past items!

Cute and original!



Legends of the Land


Greely’s Dream

Part 2

    Opening my eyes, I felt no pain. A soft green glow caught my eye. I turned my head and faced a green glowing orb. I looked around. The cave walls were blue, illuminated by the green light. Was I in Epic Wonders?
    I stepped towards the orb. It was warm and welcoming, and from a distance I could feel it’s inviting aura. However, dread seem to clench my heart with every step I took.
    It’s just an orb. Why do I feel so terrified?
    I placed a paw on the orb. Without warning, it flashed and showed me images. Liza laughing and chatting with the other Alphas. Sir Gilbert made a remark and Graham laughed. Cosmo and Peck caught each others’ eye and laughed. There was an empty spot that was filled by absence.
    I wasn’t there.
    They welcome the atmosphere that was devoid of my aura.


Descriptions, descriptions-!

Anyway, I’ll be making a post tomorrow, and I’ll be uploading a lot of new pages for the days to come, I hope! Before March rolls around, I wish to have this blog spiced up!

Also, if you think I should blog on Thursday too, send me a JAG saying ‘What’s Up?’, and I’ll consider. It’s just that school has kept me away.

Other than that, it’s not entirely fun to read an entire week’s update in a day’s writing.

I’m sorry I couldn’t be more active, but to those who are still viewing, I’m really grateful for you all!!

Alright, jam on, everyone!


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