Amethyst Friendship

Hey all!

I know it’s early, but it’s because I got out of school early today haha. Our newest items are separated, but they’re couples who couldn’t be complete without each other!

The classic and filled with love, let’s welcome back these two, located in Jam Mart Clothing!


Right Friendship Necklace     |     Left Friendship Necklace

In my opinion, I think this is a pretty cool item! I myself have one of these, but with a dolphin!

I think it’s really cool for two friends (or lovers!) wear these necklaces, because, as said, without the other half, it isn’t really worth much.

Of course, they come in multiple colours-!



Also, as it is the 1st of February, AJHQ has presented the Amethyst Birthstone!


This beautiful gemstone is special for the ones born in February. This gem is strongly related to being pure of drunkenness. I think it’s a very beautiful gem, especially when it’s as an amethyst geode.


Also, having nothing much to do, I ventured around the theaters and found more new and leaving videos alike.

Wild Explorers Tent- Wild Explorers Videos


A little about Cami, talking about her favourite animal. This is the last day, if you’re interested, you better check it out!

Tierney’s Aquarium- Tierney Thys Videos


Tierney’s Aquarium has a lot of fascinating questions! That’s cool!

Brady’s Theatre- Brady Barr Videos


I should be checking more theatres! I’ve been missing a lot here. Here are some cool videos by Brady Barr!

Some of them are leaving though, they’re quite forward and short, so check them out!


Gabby’s Animal Hospital- Gabby Wild Videos

I have a thing for elephants, so does she, I think!


However, I’m not really giving all my heart to them haha. As Gabby said, “That’s an impossible question for me!”

I always get nervous or confused when someone asks me that-

Anyway, this cool video is leaving! I have a thing for rhinos, especially Sumantran ones, with only very few left, these are critically endangered!


I watched this video myself, and to learn they are the most related to the extinct wooly rhino, I think that’s cool!


Wild Wednesday!

It’s been a while! If you haven’t been here long, then you might not know what this is, but Wild Wednesday are days, Wednesdays, where I show interesting animals with facts!

Let’s do this-!



Name: Saola

Nicknames: Asian Unicorn, Vu Quang, spindlehorn

Scientific Name: Pseudoryx nghetinhensis

Conservation Status: Critically Endangered

Habitat: Vietnam, Laos (Indochina)- valleys, forests, lowlands (depending on season)

Diet: Leaves, shrubs (plants)

Fun Facts:

  • They’re cousins to the cow, goat, and antelope
  • Even though they are called unicorns, they have two horns
  • Their horns can reach up to 50cm long
  • Saolas are shy creatures

You can read more about the saola here if you’re interested!




I think I won’t be making a long paragraph for Wild Wednesday and just in simple bullet points, and if it perks your interest, there’ll be a link below so you could read more!

I think the saola is a truly enchanting creature! I wonder how they’re doing now-


That’s all for now, remember to play wild and jam on!


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