Bag of Jam-a-Grams

Hello! Welcome back to this blog!

Today is Tuesday, 7 February 2017, and let’s get this post started!


Jam Mart Clothing


If you want to be part of the Special Delivery’s official post center, you can buy one of these bags to stash your letters in before setting off! I think this is a super neat idea! I love all the new ideas so far, and this is one of my new favourites from the festival! It comes in several colours:


I don’t think it really fits my seal though…


Maybe it looks better on horses and deer?


Jam Mart Furniture

We also have two items in this store!


The Heart Window! It’s perfect for members who uses the Blue Sky wallpaper because the animated sky the window shows is perfect for it!



In addition, we also have this Heart Chair, though it looks more like a throne, to complete the theme of hearts of this festival! This item looks really neat!


Outback Imports

This new item accompanies yesterday’s item!


It’s quite of a creative item, and certainly to match your couch!



In Tierny Thys Aquarium, we have a new video release!


Which ocean is the deepest? Interesting! I love the questions that pops out in her theatre!


In addition, we have a leaving movie from Sarepia Theatre!


It’s a very interesting video! I suggest you all to check this out before it’s gone!



I found a few old Jam-a-Grams!


The one above used to come during the Friendship Festival. It’s simple, but it does symbolize the arrows of love! With the JAGs updated, we no longer see this one.


The one above is used on an average basis. I love the painting style and how it portrays two friends together. It’s certainly lovely, I wonder why it’s removed?


Ah, geckos! One of my favourites! I love this one so much I usually use this JAG when it was still around back then.


So then, which Jam-a-Gram design is your favourite from all that has existed? Do you have one?

I can’t pick, there’s a lot of great ones-!



Alright, that’s all for now. Don’t forget to check out Pet Stories, in which the old one will leave soon!

Jam on and play wild!


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