Rose Code!

Hello Jammers!

It’s a late post, sorry! Anyway, let’s get down to business. Heheh.


Jam Mart Clothing

I believe this is a returning item?


I love how it looks, but it doesn’t look so well when my seal wears it.

Maybe it looks better on foxes and wolves?


Jam Mart Furniture


This is a really cute but simple item. I kid of wished that AJHQ made this for all members…


Diamond Shop

Heads up!


Alongside the animal, this Pet Eagle is also on sale!



In Tierney Thys’ Videos, there is this cool video talking about the mimic octopus! Check it out! Hurry because it’s leaving!



In Brady Barr Theatre, we have another video leaving:



Last but not least, Gabby Wild has a new video about the jaguar! How fascinating!screen-shot-2017-02-09-at-9-51-26-pm

Head over to Kimbara Outback and catch this video!



In honour of the Friendship Festival, AJHQ has released a new code!


It’s ‘ be my buddy ‘ without the space bars. What’s cool about this code is that it gives you a pretty decent amount of gems!


1000 gems! That’s not bad for a freebie code! It’s still unknown until when this code will expire, but hurry and use it before it’s no longer available!



Alright, Jammers, that’s all for today. Other than that, have you read the new Pet Stories?


What could Nobleapple and Purplewings be doing now?

I won’t be editing the Pet Stories anymore this week because I have a lot to do this weekend, but I’ll see you guys again in tomorrows post!

Jam on and play wild!



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