Friendship Shirt

Hello everyone! Sorry that I’m posting later and later. Whoops-

Anyway, let’s head onto the world of Animal Jam!


Jam Mart Clothing

Tara-tara! AJHQ presents a new item!


Simple, yet it’s a bit more modern than most items. It doesn’t go too well with my seal, maybe it goes better with animals with larger chests/bodies?

I’m not too much of a fan for this item, to be honest. I wonder if it will become popular?


Diamond Shop

WHOA. See all those curls?screen-shot-2017-02-10-at-9-54-37-pm

I think this is one gorgeous item! It has stripes, like the Rare Epic Antlers, only this one is curled and has heart ornaments hanging from them! I simply adore this item! It’s a creative twist to the antlers, but it might be hard to fit it to your animals:


The only thing that changes are the heart ornaments, and not the entire antlers. I think my seal could pull it off OK, but it looked cuter on bunnies heehee.




In Sarepia Forest, the theatre has a new movie!screen-shot-2017-02-10-at-9-56-18-pm

It’s just clips of platypus (platypuses?) walking around, swimming and venturing around. Hmm, platypuses? I decided to ask AJHQ to make one for pets!


Feel free to send one yourself- maybe the more feedback the more AJHQ will do it?


In addition, the theatre has this video leaving:


I highly encourage you all to watch it! Not only it is informative, but it’s very fascinating! Imagine, this bird copying the sounds of a car siren, a chainsaw… That’s amazing!



There’s a new frame out for the Friendship Festival with themes of roses and pink. Haha I don’t even know what I’m drawing oops.


Anyway, around Jamaa, there are many items related to the Friendship Festival. They don’t exist as items we can purchase, but here are a few items I’d like to see:


  • Fallen Petals: This den item can be placed on land dens, which shows a group of fallen petals. I think fallen petals are romantic haha.


  • Heart Banner: Used to promote the Friendship Festival.


  • Winged Heart Sign: We’ve seen a LOT of these around Jamaa! Why not make it a den item? I’d get one if it was.



Alright, Jammers, don’t forget to redeem the gems from the new code:



Thanks for reading, jam on!


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