Aquarius Backpack


Today’s a time for yet another post!


Jam Mart Clothing

We have a new item now!


I think it’s really cool! This heart-shaped backpack can easily be worn at any occasion despite being a heart, because it’s not unusual to equip an item like that 24/7. It comes in many colours.

screen-shot-2017-02-11-at-9-29-15-pmLovely, lovely.



Jam Mart Furniture

We have a returning item.


Why hello again! I remember you!



Both entries today are from Tierney’s. Check out Tierney Thys’ Aquarium to watch these videos!


Turning trash to art! Creative! Check out the little monsters they created.

Below, is about the research lab underwater!


It’s super cool, check it out! Before it’s gone, I mean. I even watched it twice haha.




That’s right! I’m finally going to officially host a giveaway! If you couldn’t read the card, here’s what it says:



Friendship Festival Giveaway!

Where? Rainbow000Pegasus’ Den
When? 14th February 2017, Approximately 8:30 AM EST and 13:30 GMT


Do invite your buddies! The more the merrier! If no one comes, I’ll invite a few people from Jamaa over, but if you could come, that’d be amazing!

I apologize that I’m not too flexible in my time schedule, with exams and orchestra, but I hope that we’ll meet, Jammers!


Also, I have published a new page called ‘Party’ for the party tab! It’s still under construction, but take a look if you want to!

That’s all for now! Over and out!



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