Rare Rhinos

Hello! Today’s a Monday! Lets go and check it out!


Jam Mart Furniture

Um, OK, warning, don’t be too disappointed…


I was, like, super disappointed. It’s not even a decent rare this time! I mean, look at the colour schemes of the normal balloon below:screen-shot-2017-02-13-at-9-25-53-pm

Have you considered making it light blue, perhaps? Or white, or grey? Or black?

At least it’s cheap.



In Sarepia Forest, we have a clip about the Serval!


It’s not informative, it’s just showing us the movements of this feline. It’s pretty cool, check it out!


While Gabby’s video is leaving…


Personally, I have a soft spot for Sumatran Rhinos. This video states the facts of these rhinos, but not my favourite video. It’s pretty informative, though, so give it a check!





I have made sure that I could attend, with traffic and blackout the only thing that would make me late. It’s open to every Jammer, members or non-members. My den is already unlocked, so if you’re a bit early, there are chairs waiting for you, so do get yourself friendly with one another.



Speaking of waiting, you can wait as you read the first Pet Stories!


With the introduction of the basic characters all complete, this story is headed for a start! Don’t forget that by Wednesday, 15 February 2017, I will remove the original Pet Stories from the header, and you could no longer access it, even through the link above. Be sure to check it out!



That’s all for today, sorry for the late post. Jam on, guys!


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