Rose Mittens

Hello Jammers! Today is Valentine’s Day if you haven’t noticed!!

Happy Valentine’s Day!


Anyway, let’s check out the updates today!


Jam Mart Clothing

Instead of having new items, we have leaving ones.


It’s just Valentine’s today, equivalent of Jamaa’s Friendship Festival. Why are they starting to leave?


Jam Mart Furniture

This is even more queer:


It has just landed in Jamaa, but it’s leaving in ten days? It’s like a ten-days rare or something…

It’s quite odd. I mean, this is the first I’ve heard of it.

Other than that, I’ve always been a fan of this item, the Heart Rose Archway!


Not only the archway is leaving, but so is the Heart Mat.


Shiveer Shoppe

Surprise! The new item is here!


Heart Mittens! It’s cute, really, and I love the cartoon-y touch to it. It comes in several pleasant colours:


However, it doesn’t seem to really fit my seal.




In Crystal Sands’ Tierney’s Aquarium, a new video is released!

It’s factual and doesn’t only talk about the dolphins in the picture:


I suggest you all go and watch it!



Don’t forget! Today is my giveaway! I’m already in my den!


I can’t wait to see you all!


After the giveaway, I’m taking the old Pet Stories down as I’ve finished Book 1 of the new one. Be sure to read it before it’s too late, then!screen-shot-2017-02-12-at-11-53-15-am


Lastly, I have updated the Party page. It’s not done yet, but we’ll get there soon!




That’s all for now, jam on, everyone! Have a merry day!


2 comments on “Rose Mittens

  1. Swimmerchamp says:

    The mittens are adorable… if only they fit!

    Hmm… it is strange that they’re taking away an item they just put in stores. I guess that’s just how seasonal items work. :/

    I hope you had/are having/will have a great Valentine’s Day!

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