Meet Seesaw

Hello everyone!

Sorry for the late post! I just got back from music camp and also from helping my friends prepare the booth for a bazaar tomorrow!


Jamaa Journal

EEEEK why is AJHQ always releasing these journals inconsistently? It’s quite unfair for people with different time zones.


Anyway, page one!


Spikes! I hope they’ll look cool! I wonder why are there four types? Wasn’t it only for three days? Will there be two sets on Sunday? Ah, wait. Thursday is a weekend?


Page two talks about the return of the llamas! Welcome back! I like how simple this page is, and the small picture is in full-colour haha.


A new pet already? I guess now Animal Jam is trying to make a pet for every animal? What do you think is next? A pet falcon, perhaps? Or maybe a pet octopus? That’d be cute.

Oh, so the Arctic Armour has arrived! It has been existing in Play Wild for quite some time now.


Page four reminds us of the new advantages members receive! I like how they designed this page!


Woah, it’s back early! Welcome, welcome!

A special item, huh? As long as AJHQ updates when it reaches 12pm here as it should, then I should be able to find it and post about it.


Page six: I do not know about the international polar bear day existing! Also, I have not heard about any new rumours of new animals, thank you very much.


Page seven speaks of the great backyard bird count. There are many things in this Jamaa Journal. I haven’t seen much of a variety  outside my house haha but maybe if I look outside the window if I live nearer to the woods and all, maybe there’s more to see.


Page eight speaks about the items that had appeared on the Friendship Festival that will leave soon. We’ll get to that later! Also, a new exhibit is up in the Conservation Museum!


The last page is a little advertisement for a retail gift card.


Jam Mart Clothing

Our item is no other than…


Arm Cuffs! Not my favourite item, but oh well!screen-shot-2017-02-17-at-10-13-17-pm-1


Jam Mart Furniture

These two items are leaving soon!


Quite a shame. It felt like they just arrived.


Shiveer Shoppe

Stop by the Shiveer Shoppe in the Cocoa Hut and grab these items before they’re gone!



Diamond Shop

As announced by the Jamaa Journal, llamas are back!


In addition, lions are on a sale! Go grab one while they’re half the price!


Also, the new Pet Hyena has been placed in the shop. It’s quite adorable.screen-shot-2017-02-17-at-10-17-07-pm

Here are the options you get to pick from to make a pet hyena:

If I were to adopt one, here’s what mine would look like:

screen-shot-2017-02-17-at-10-18-22-pmI don’t even know what’s up with the name.


Anyway, the Arctic Set while it’s still winter!


Arctic Armor Hood     |     Arctic Amulet

Arctic Armor     | Arctic Armor Boots

Arctic Tail Armor     |   xxx


Other than the armour in the shop, we have the spikes!


I’m not a big fan of the colour schemes, it doesn’t go well with my colours.


It seems like it would go well with the Rainbow Armor, but I’m sure members out there know how to match spikes better than me.

We also have another new item!


Get the music you experience in the adventure ‘Meet Cosmo’ right at your own den! This calming and soothing song might just be the perfect piece for his den!



In he Wild Explorers Tent, we have a new video!


She’s all hyped up for this one haha. It does have some unnecessary puns and excitement, but it does shift to a more informative video in the end.


In Sarepia Theatre, we have a new video!


Bats need the warmth to survive, but this video has amazing pictures!

We also have a leaving entry:


This one is a little harder to understand than most of the videos, but I’m sure you all can grasp the explanation of this superpower!



AJHQ has a new Fantasy Den! I went in and decideed to take a look. It took me longer than usual, because I thought the item was in the den, but when I eventually stepped out… it all became clear.


Head over outside and you’ll find the seasaw!


It’s a gorgeous and simple item, and I love how AJHQ had decided to add this in! YES!!

It’s so worth the gems for me, it’s animation is like super smooth.


Now that you know where it’s located, you better get one yourself!


Alright Jammers, it’s getting late. I’ll sign off here.

Jam on!


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