Magenta Camouflage


I’m so sorry for the late post! I had music camp again and that my dad was borrowing my laptop.

Anyway, let’s proceed to the post!


Jam Mart Furniture

Our new item is not related to the Friendship Festival.


The Camouflage Boots has returned! They come in various colours:



In addition, the Heart Cape is leaving!

Too bad they didn’t stay long this year! They quite clashed with the Chinese New YEar event, huh?


Jam Mart Furniture

We don’t have any new items in this shop but we have two leaving items!


They might not be staying long, but it’s just enough time to catch them before they leave!


Diamond Shop

A little pop-up appeared to me earlier:


Magenta Spikes, huh? Let’s give them a look.



Well, I’ve heard that AJHQ has a lot of rare items that comes in magenta colour, but I think that it’s easier to pull this outfit off than the Rainbow Spikes yesterday.

Here’s my seal wearing it on:


I hope AJHQ has a creative one in stock tomorrow.


Shiveer Shoppe

The lovable Heart Mittens are leaving soon!


I think this is a perfect item for one who loves to bake or something haha.



The videos below are from Tierney Thys’ Aquarium. We have a new video:


One thing I didn’t know was that sharks lived before dinosaurs! I mean, fish did come first before reptiles, did they not? Did they?

Love the videos that pop out at Tierney’s, all very fascinating.

Also, a leaving video:screen-shot-2017-02-18-at-11-19-24-pm

This video will keep your brain thinking about the capacity of a fish’s mind!



Chapter one of Pet Stories‘ Book 2 has been released!

What will these two be up to? What’s the danger they’re up against?

Head over to Pet Stories and read the chapter!



Alright, Jammers, it’s getting late. Stay safe and jam on!


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