Golden Cheetah

Hello everyone!

Today’s a Sunday, and I have a lot of homework haha.

I’m close to completing most of them now, though, so let me take a break and blog.


Jam Mart Furniture

We don’t have any new items today here, but we do have leaving items!



Jam Mart Furniture

We have a returning item today.


This dear item has returned once more. Compared to newer items, this item is actually cheap and beautifully made.

As the Friendship Festival would be over soon, more related items are leaving.



Diamond Shop

Let’s welcome the newest spike! Drum roll, please!


The Solid Gold Spikes! I think saying only ‘gold’ would be enough though.


It doesn’t really go with my seal, and I’m not changing my pattern any time soon. It looks a little rough around the spikes, doesn’t it?



Here’s an answer to a new question from Brady Barr!


Honestly, I don’t think that this question was answered. While the question inquires why it is sticky, the response answered to what was the purpose of having a sticky tongue. His answer answered “What is the use of a frog’s sticky tongue?” more than “Why do frogs have sticky tongues?”.

I went ahead and research about why it is sticky. It’s due to their salvia, which is different than us humans’. When the frog shoots it’s tongue out and captures and insect, the saliva acts like a liquid and spreads around the insect. When the frog pulls it’s tongue back, the saliva thickens, making it difficult for prey to escape.

I read the article here, so if you’re interested you might want to go into more details.


Enough of the frogs haha. These cheetahs need love:


This is an interesting question with a very interesting answer! I personally didn’t know about this, but it’s nice to expand my knowledge on animals!


Legends of the Land

More or less three years ago, was it? I have written about the Alphas. I read it over again and saw that I have covered many points, like why Liza appears in a blooming flower, why Greely has powers, but it wasn’t my best work. So, I have decided to re-write this again and I hope you all enjoy it!

The Alphas
Part 2: Greely

    Greely had never fitted in the pack.
    Unlike the other wolves, he was more logical, less powerful, but nevertheless agile and sensible. However, this made the other wolves to shun away from the different one, and made Greely and outsider. Despite being an outcast, Greely had actively supported the pack by hunting with them, finding an ideal location watching for any predators, such and such.
    What everyone else in the pack knew was that Greely was fascinated with phenomenas, how the moon waxed and waned, high and low tides, celestial creations such as the stars. It all caught his attention. Sometimes a soul would accompany him at night, talking to him about these wonders, but the next day, the wolf would ridicule Greely behind his back for being a nerd on things wolves consider useless to their survival.
    He had been in the pack since he was born, but often his parents didn’t pay attention to him, and his siblings kept away in fear of being labelled. Somehow, though, when he look at the stars, he knew that there’s something big out there that he’d live through.

As expected, Greely’s colour is blue. Dark, deep blue.

For now, the story will talk about their pasts.

For this, I base it around the old Jamaa legends and folklore, and I do not follow the storyline with Heartstones or that Mira is gone from Jamaa.


Alright, Jammers, now that this post is done, I need to return doing my homework.

Don’t forget to check the new chapter of Pet Stories!


Jam on, and play wild!


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