Clover Archway


Today we have updates that might be foreshadowing that there might be a huge update this week or last week!


Jam Mart Clothing

The item is…


The returning Clover Top Hat! This item was released on last year’s St. Patrick’s Day event, so this means the time for luck will soon be upon Jamaa!

It comes in multiple colours:



Jam Mart Furniture

We have more items that marks the coming of the festival!!


Time flies so fast, I didn’t realize that it’s almost that time of the year again!

Also that I don’t celebrate St. Patrick’s Day…


Bahari Bargains

A new item is up, time to bargain for a lower price!


The Clover Trident makes another return to Jamaa, offering their owner powers to protect the land…?

Or for a fancy outfit haha.

It comes in several different colours.



Sunken Treasures

This one isn’t a sunken treasure, but grown under the sea!


Get these Clover Tubes for 300 gems in the underwater shop for your underwater den! What’s better than to place good luck charms in your den?


Diamond Shop

Watch out! A rare appearance!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Recently arrived, and leaving soon, this Nature Archway has been one of my dream items, once a Members monthly gift, and now sold for 3 Diamonds. Pick the atmosphere you want and purchase it!

Based on the lands of Jamaa, from Mt. Shiveer to Temple of Zios, Coral Canyons and then Phantom Vortex, this is one magical item!



In Tierney Thys’ Aquarium, she has a new video!


I thought the answer would just be straight out, plain ‘no, the water is too cold’, but nooooooo. According to this video, sharks did live in the waters of Antarctica like billion/million of years ago. Interesting!

Also, head over to Sarepia Theatre and catch the leaving clip of ‘World’s Weirdness’!


Is it a bat? Or is it a fox? Watch this little clip and learn more of these bats!



I’m not feeling too great today, so I won’t be doing research regarding the new animal…

Instead, I suggest you all to head over to the Wild Peaks exhibition at the Conservation Museum!


It’s a small set up that gives you many fun facts in less than five minutes! Did you know there were animals called the blue sheep, or that Apollo butterflies make webs instead of cocoon? Well, I didn’t, and this exhibition was really fun to visit.

Are you excited for the upcoming updates on St. Patrick’s Day, whether it’ll be this week or next week?

I sure am!

That’s all for today, jam on!


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