Shamrock Shoes

Hello, everyone! I apologise for posting even later now! I go home late thanks to music practice- the concert’s two days away, this week’s Saturday!! I’m excited!


Anyway, let’s look at today’s items.

No update though.


Jam Mart Clothing

We’re a week closer to the lucky updates! Let’s welcome back…


Leprechaun Shoes! Made by the leprechauns, you better count your blessings when you wear them.

I wish AJ items came with descriptions haha. I’d love them.

These shoes come in several colours.screen-shot-2017-02-23-at-9-03-38-pm


Jam Mart Clothing

I like the cartoon-y feel this item has:


A new item! I love how it’s not just green, but pink too!



Gabby Wild presents:


It’s a very interesting question, but, as Gabby said, we depend on one another, so no matter what animal you are, even the loss of one species could impact a lot.


One of Brady Barr’s videos are leaving:


If you’re guessing the animal by the picture, I suppose you’re right.



Nothing special. I want to talk about my schedule.

It’s almost time for all my exams. It’s about three more weeks to go.

By then, I need to focus on studying.

Soon, I cannot blog every day again.

I know, I just started this routine. I enjoy it, but it’s going to affect my studies. At that time,  I will be blogging on Sundays only, and not at all during the exam weeks.

I hope you guys would take this into consideration. This is the final year, it’s definitely going to be difficult, and that’s why I want you all to please help by understanding.


Other than that, I wish you all a good day.

Keep on jamming, guys!


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