Giant Glasses

Hello Jammers! I’m sorry it’s another late post, today’s practice was so tiring we had a full run…


Jam Mart Clothing

Anyway, today we have a new item in the store!


I can’t remember if this is a returning item or not, but the price suggests it’s a yes.

It comes in a variety of colours shown below:


I’m not a huge fan of this item, though. Here’s what it looks like when my seal wears it:



Jam Mart Furniture

We have a new item to start preparing for the Luck Festival:


I like the details of the veins of the leaves. Now… I wonder how big it is. It must be a cool item!!



Both located in Sarepia Theatre…


The clip ‘Night Flier’ talks about the adorable sugar gliders. Make sure to add on some interesting facts as you go through it!


Leaving, we have ‘Realm of the Puma’.screen-shot-2017-02-24-at-9-06-22-pm

Discussing about pumas, foxes and hunters, this video talks about a wide area of a puma’s world! Watch this fascinating clip for a better explanation ahah…




Part 2 of Pet Stories has been updated!



Click the banner above to be directed to a new tab, already opened to Pat Stories!

Until I fix and mess around with the HTML, I’m afraid you’ll need to scroll down or hit the search button to find the chapter.



Other than that, as mentioned in a lot of places, I have a concert tomorrow. I’m not sure how late I’ll get back home, or if I have the energy to post or not. However, I will be posting on Sunday, regardless of the outcome on Saturday.


Thank you, everyone!

Jam on!


2 comments on “Giant Glasses

  1. Cutepups says:

    The Shamrock Glasses are a returning item. Good luck with your concert.

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