Ribbons and Masks

Hello Jammers!

Sorry for the super late post! I just finished checking all the AJ shops, and also had just returned from my concert! Phew, it was funny, and not as tiring as I anticipated.

We have another update, which AJHQ claimed to have released yesterday. Oh my Mira, AJHQ, at least make it before 12 am here!


Jamaa Journal


I’m quite excited, actually! I’m guessing the items above would be: Dragonfly Clip, Spring Gloves, Spring Bow and Arrows. Hurhur, creative…


screen-shot-2017-02-25-at-10-16-22-pmA returning page. Wow, those exists?



To refresh your memory, don’t forget that the Pet Hyenas and Arctic Armour are up on sale in the Diamond Shop!



Remember, what they’ve shown above are what member could do hurhur…



Yep, this might just be the last week, guys, or maybe another week?

Zios, AJHQ’s disorderly updating schedule is making me confused…



Returning, self-explanatory pages.



I haven’t checked any out, but it sure must be interesting!



Repeating pages…



Plus an advertisement, which means it’s out last page!!


Jam Mart Clothing

Today, one of the classic items has returned!


Welcome back, Clover Balloon! It comes in many colours:


Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple and even pink!


Jam Mart Furniture

This elegant item is here to make your day!


I don’t know why I love AJHQ’s fountains…

Also very festive to the Lucky Day event.


Diamond Shop

We have the items of the 2nd Spring Item Batch.

If you were wondering about second, it’s because yesterday is the first. I’ll try to find out about it for tomorrow’s post.

We have two items in the Diamond Shop for this occasion.


The Spring Mask! It’s placement looks quite off on my seal’s face, but I like the colour scheme!

We also have the item below:


This beautiful item looks quite stiff, but nevertheless lovely!


We also have a den on sale:


The spacious Art Gallery to feature all your artwork!



Both can be found in Tierney Thys’:


“Marine Mammals”:screen-shot-2017-02-25-at-10-42-18-pm

The question was “How many species of mammal live in the ocean?”. The answer was 129 species of mammals! Cool!

Continue on watching the video to find yourself amazed.


Also, we already went through this video:




As I have suspected…


With this item, the rare appears!

Located in the Summer Carnival, this rare is for all, unlike the original Feathered Mask. I love the dark colours, beautiful! It looks better on some animals than others, though…


This rare only lasts for a day! What are you waiting for?

Head over to the Summer Carnival with your tickets and purchase this mask!



Alright, that’s all, Jammers, until tomorrow!


One comment on “Ribbons and Masks

  1. […] tried to buy for a crazy amount of Diamonds by buying in bulk in just a day’s span due to a weekend event AJHQ hosted. I feel like we’ve been scammed, or that we’ve lost more than we gained, but I guess […]

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