Spring Aquamarine


I’m sorry about how I ended yesterday’s post! It was so abrupt… Ow…




Laugh at the moon, my dear wolf, maybe the moon will laugh with you too.


Epic Wonders

If you guys forgot…


TODAY IS THE FIRST OF MARCH!! Time really does fly, huh?

The Aquamarine Birthstone returns back to the shop, available for purchase!


Treetop Gardens

Ready for the return of these lovely plants?


Daffodils are returning as spring came early to Jamaa! Oh, joy!


Bahari Bargains

For Lucky Day, we have the returning item!


Coming in several colours, this item makes you look really cool! Let the current pick it up and weave it for you!



Diamond Shop

Two new items for the spring item!


The new item:


I think it’s cute and very comfortable! It doesn’t go so well with my seal, but I’m sure Jammers out there can pull it off. Unfortunately, it’s members only.

The recoloured item below:


Come and celebrate spring as it’s in Jamaa! Grab your party hat, members, and let’s start the party!!





This video in Brady Barr’s, located in the Temple of Zios, explains why snow leopards have big tails.

Psst, the main reason is for balance!


One of Tierney’s videos is leaving, learn a little more of the octopus through this video!


Wild Wednesday

Already? It’s so quick, eh?


Name: Chinese Giant Salamander

Nicknames: Chinese salamander, salamander, giant salamander

Scientific Name: Andrias scheuchzeri

Conservation Status: Critically Endangered

Habitat: Native to central and southern China, also spied in Taiwan, living in large hill streams, usually in forested areas

Diet: Insects, millipedes, horsehair worms, amphibians such as frogs and salamanders, freshwater crabs, shrimp, fish

Fun Facts:

  • They lay approximately 500 eggs
  • They are known to grow as long as 180cm
  • They can vocalize, making barking, whining, hissing, or crying sounds
  • Albino salamanders have been sighted to be white or orange
  • The decline of salamanders are caused by poaching, climate change and loss of habitat



Alright, that’s a wrap for today’s post.

Jam on!


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