Throne of My Hypothesis


It’s another day. I’m feeling like blogging, so let’s do this nice and all!



Presented as the first item in the gallery located in Jamaa Township, we have this piece:


Not my favourite, but OK.


Epic Wonders

With Lucky Day approaching, we have this returning item!


Be the king of the Lucky Day at your own den with this throne! I love the design of this chair hehe.



I couldn’t find any new one, but this one that belongs to Brady Barr is leaving!

Phew! Aren’t we glad the koalas in Jamaa are well behaved!



Today, let’s investigate on the new animal!



There were clues as well in Coral Canyons and Mt. Shiveer that I found when I increased the screen brightness haha.

So far, we know the animal:

  • Has paws
  • Has claws
  • Lives in both warm and cold places

What we can hypothesize:

  • Territorial (claw marks)
  • Lives in arid places (Coral Canyons) as well


When I searched up for animals that live in the cold, results were animals we already have, such as the polar bear, snow leopard and arctic foxes.


I decided to try to find for animals living in forests. Ideas that I think would be the ‘one’…

  • Black Bear
    • I didn’t pick brown bear because in the past, polar bears evolved from them
  • Clouded Leopard
  • Coyote
  • Cougar

Then I searched up animals that lives in cold mountains. My results are as follows:

  • Mountain Puma
    • Also known as mountain lion, cougar
  • Black Bear


I would like to conclude our new animal would be the cougar. It’s territorial, marking their territory with scrape marks or urine, known to be extremely dangerous when you enter it’s territory. They are rather small and agile, with four claws.


Cougars live in areas with dense bushes, rocks and even in open areas, which might be Sarepia Forest and Coral Canyons respectively. It’s very adaptive, and could be found in many places, from forests to mountainous deserts, even in colder areas like Quebec. It prefers canyons (AHA!) as a living area.

Puma standing watch atop a colorful bolderpuma_concolor_paw


That’s my hypothesis! I might be wrong, of course, haha, but the reason I didn’t pick the bears because they pick vegetated areas more, and more likely to be found in low land areas, which doesn’t explain the claw marks in Mt. Shiveer. Even though they are also territorial creatures, black bears hibernate, but if it’s a bear after all, I’m cool with it!

Fluffy cougar VS fierce bear.

What do you guys think?


Alright, Jammers! That’s all for now!

Jam on!


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  1. […] yay! My last second hypothesis was actually right! For those who guessed puma or mountain lion, they are more or less the […]

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