Lucky Pot

Hello, Jammers! Sorry for the late post! It’s unusual for me, but I guess things happen haha…



I forgot to do this yesterday, sorry!

Today’s piece is spring related!


I like how simple it looks eheh.


Jam Mart Clothing

This item is a new one, also recently released on Play Wild!


This comfortable leg warmers will not fail you! They’re also extremely cute! It comes in several colours.screen-shot-2017-03-04-at-9-41-20-pm


Diamond Shop

Whoa! A creative twist on items!


I like the idea of this! We do have a Pot O’ Gold/Gems over the rainbow, but we don’t have this yet! Super creative, fascinating item! Love it!

One thing is that maybe give the diamonds more colour?



Both in Tierney’s Aquarium, check out the new video of jellyfishes!


Not only does Tierney Thys speak of her experience in brief, but her opinions and facts. What if you get stung by a jellyfish? This video does speak of it too, so if you like snorkeling or going to seasides, you might want to check this out!



Also, a question about climate change. Climate change is a very serious issue that has bring the extinction of various creatures like frogs, depleting numbers of species very quickly!



Today, I’ll be covering about the adventure, Lucky Clovers!

When you enter, a koala named Patrick greets you and introduces you to the adventure.

With that, you need to find ten clovers! Completed? Great! With ten clovers, he hands you a key and instructs you.


While holding the key, you can’t collect anymore clovers. Aww, so hurry back to Patrick with the same path you already used to avoid covering more area and missing clovers!

You need to find ten more, and Patrick hands you another key.


Open the fourth small chest, and Patrick challenges you to finish the adventure by collecting all 50 clovers from the adventure.


What makes the adventure hard is that there are only 50 clovers, and you need to complete the 4-Jammers dancing things to complete it all. It’ll take a LONG time to get it done, but if you do, Patrick praises you and hands you a large key.screen-shot-2017-03-04-at-5-23-30-pm

After claiming your item(s) from the epic chest, Patrick tells you that there are other secrets in the area and asks you to come back.


Personally, I don’t like the adventure for it’s objective, but I adore the scenery! It’s so magical! The items that comes it with are often magical too hehe.

The beautiful houses, the center with chests, the Epic Key, the map, Stonehedge inspired area and fireflies, which has their own music if you get closer to them!



Some NPCs will also talk to you.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Erin: “Is it true? Can SPIKED COLLARS and WRISTBANDS really be found in the epic treasure chest?”

Through testimonies of various members, this is certainly true. However, it is highly unlikely for non-members to obtain one. Patrick mentioned smaller ones was filled with den items and larger ones with rare accessories, but the small chest from the epic one gives you an accessory instead.

Dougal: “LUCKY HORESHOES are said to anyone who has one!”

It is a superstition that horseshoes are good luck.

Connor: “Patrick said if I bring him ALL 50 clovers, he will give me the EPIC KEY!”

Yes, proven!

Keegan: “LUCKY DAY is one of my favourite celebrations, but I miss the FRIENDSHIP FESTIVAL!”

I don’t like the adventure, but the holiday is OK. Both are OK.

Fiona: “I wonder what happens if TWO animals DANCE together on those clovers…”

I have NO idea what clovers she’s rambling about. Sorry, Fiona.

Fun fact: They’re all Irish-originated names. Each of them bear unique meanings.


Also, look out for these Pot O’Gems! They give you a bit of money, but money is money!


Best animal for the adventure? Flying animals. They can get to the top of the cliff where four animals have to dance instead of helping, making them overly superior to land animals. Oh well, members get the privilege, but I think this is something AJHQ to block to raise a little bit screen-shot-2017-03-04-at-10-18-55-pmmore of equality that already doesn’t exist in Jamaa.

Another hard thing is that clovers are so well blended, it’s hard to spot! Their range is super tiny as well, so the paw icon wouldn’t appear when you’re from far, and that might be why you have 49/50 at the end of the adventure.


Not my thing, but maybe it’s suited for you! What are you waiting for?


Prizes await:

My results so far…

Other than that’s it’s the end of the post.

Jam on, everyone!



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