Jelly Cafe + Jelly Armor Set

Hey! Sorry for such a late post! I had to wait for one of the parties to pop-up…
You’ll see in a bit-


Jamaa Journal

The Jelly Cafe is open! Grab your set items at the Bounce House Party! I had to wait an hour for that! Phew!
Screen Shot 2018-07-12 at 4.53.20 PM


Jam Mart Clothing

What do we have here? The Yak Horns return!
Screen Shot 2018-07-12 at 4.53.35 PM

However, the Flower Tail is leaving!
Screen Shot 2018-07-12 at 4.53.45 PM


Jam Mart Furniture

Welcome back, Sand Armoire– pretty sure it’s filled with sand.
Screen Shot 2018-07-12 at 4.54.05 PM



Welcome to the Bounce House Party, where the Bounce House Shop sells items, such as furniture to build your own Jelly Cafe!

Screen Shot 2018-07-12 at 6.03.32 PM
Jelly Display Case | Jelly Cafe Chair | Jelly Cafe Table
Jelly Cake Holder | Jelly Ice Cream Stand | Giant Fountain of Jelly

Here we also have the Jelly Armor Set, which I think looks not only horrible, but ridiculous and actually quite gross:

Screen Shot 2018-07-12 at 6.04.38 PM
Jelly Helmet | Jelly Spiked Collar | Jelly Armor
Jelly Gauntlets | Jelly Tail



That’s all for now. Jam on!


Sand Scorpion + Safari Manor Bundle

Hello! A little late, sorry about that. I was fixing stuff on my other site, but now that I’m done with that, let’s get started!


Jam Mart Clothing

No new entries again, just the leaving Spring Firefighter Helmet.
Screen Shot 2018-07-11 at 4.04.24 PM


Jam Mart Furniture

Our returning item is this Sand TV, not so portable, not so durable, but it’s available for you when you go to the beach! Huh…
Screen Shot 2018-07-11 at 4.04.37 PM


Epic Wonders

The Scorpion Throne returns, glinting gold, posed in all its glory!
Screen Shot 2018-07-11 at 4.05.12 PM



Three new pages has appeared for Play Wild!‘s Jamaa Journal!

This was showcased as AJHQ’s den before, wasn’t it? Anyway, seems like this elegant house is to be purchased by many now?
Screen Shot 2018-07-11 at 4.16.46 PM

Summer Carnival advertisement! Seems like it’s about time they stock up on items. Also, the Lightning Armor arrives!
Screen Shot 2018-07-11 at 4.16.53 PM
The armour consists of the Lightning Helmet, Lightning Armor, Lightning Gauntlets and the Lighting Tail Armor.
Screen Shot 2018-07-11 at 4.16.58 PMScreen Shot 2018-07-11 at 4.17.05 PM

In addition, the manor also comes in a bundle with several items!
Screen Shot 2018-07-11 at 4.17.14 PMScreen Shot 2018-07-11 at 4.17.19 PM



That’s all for now, everyone!
Jam on!

Sand Chair + Leaving Freedom Plushies

Hey everyone! This is going to be a short and quick post! I have to head off somewhere in about thirty minutes, so, here we go!


Jam Mart Clothing

The Spring Butterfly Hair Bow is flying off soon!
Screen Shot 2018-07-10 at 2.15.14 PM


Jam Mart Furniture

Here we have an elegant Sand Chair! Hope it doesn’t fall apart when you decided to make this your grand throne!
Screen Shot 2018-07-10 at 2.15.29 PM


Summer Carnival Shop

All the freedom plushies are leaving! These are the Giant Freedom Sugar Glider, Freedom Sugar Glider, Giant Freedom Piglet, Freedom Piglet, Giant Freedom Snake, Freedom Snake, Giant Freedom Puppy, Freedom Puppy, Giant Freedom Kitty, Freedom Kitty, Giant Freedom Hamster, Freedom Hamster, Giant Freedom Frog, Freedom Frog, Giant Freedom Ducky, Freedom Ducky, Giant Freedom Butterfly, Freedom Butterfly, Giant Freedom Bunny and the Freedom Bunny.  They’ll probably return next year though.
Screen Shot 2018-07-10 at 2.19.04 PM



That’s all for now! Jam on!

Rare Squid Hat + Paper Wings

Hey! Yesterday said I’ll be posting late, but I didn’t think I’ll be this late. I went off taking a spin around town with a friend after the workshop for sightseeing, which might be very important to us at the end of the day.

Anyway, let’s get started!


Jam Mart Clothing

Helloooooooooo Monday rare! What do we have here? The colours aren’t the best, but the expression that hat has is the redeeming feature! Look at this adorable Rare Squid Hat! Isn’t that just adorable?
Screen Shot 2018-07-09 at 7.11.03 PMScreen Shot 2018-07-09 at 7.11.07 PM


Jam Mart Furniture

Here we have the Sand Toy Box, which I have no idea how 1) it’s shape remains even with messy contents and 2) how that lid stays.
Screen Shot 2018-07-09 at 7.11.19 PM


Diamond Shop

I don’t think I posted this one yet, but we now have The Clydesdale Horse Claw which looks cute! I hope to catch one soon!
Screen Shot 2018-07-09 at 7.13.58 PM

In addition, Cosmo’s Tree House is departing soon!
Screen Shot 2018-07-09 at 7.14.29 PM



At Play Wild! we have an expensive rare at 2500 Gems… the Rare Paper Wings, bold red for all to behold! Soooo pricey.
Screen Shot 2018-07-09 at 7.15.17 PMScreen Shot 2018-07-09 at 7.15.22 PM



That’s all for now! I may or may not post tomorrow, but I’ll try!
Jam on!

Giant Falcon Plushie + Vine Oasis

Hey everyone! Today’s going to be a rather short post, I have several things to do…


Jam Mart Clothing

We have the Vine Ankle back with us!
Screen Shot 2018-07-08 at 4.10.49 PM


Jam Mart Furniture

Sand Oasis! A lovely stop place when you’re stranded in the middle of nowhere, huh? I wonder who else is stopping by?
Screen Shot 2018-07-08 at 4.11.06 PM


Diamond Shop

I’m not liking that we don’t have the “New” sign. It’s hard enough to check if it’s a new plushie or not, but the claws… I don’t even know if we have new ones, but anyway-! We have the Giant Falcon Plushie with us!
Screen Shot 2018-07-08 at 4.13.19 PM

However, the Spring Glove is leaving!
Screen Shot 2018-07-08 at 4.13.30 PM



That’s all for now, Jammers!
Tomorrow it’ll be a late post, and no post on Tuesday!

Jam on!

Infinity Sand Fairy + The River’s Heart (Hard) Prizes

Hey everyone! Sorry I didn’t post yesterday… it was out of my expectations and control, since I don’t post if it’s over 8PM Toronto time ((6PM Salt Lake City Time). I sincerely apologise, hopefully I can provide a heads-up before it’s too late next time.


Jam Mart Clothing

Ready for summer? I am! We have Flip Flops and Infinity Glasses returning!
Screen Shot 2018-07-07 at 3.37.33 PMScreen Shot 2018-07-07 at 3.37.37 PM

However, the Spring Steampunk Goggles and the Spring Mech Helmet are leaving! I wonder if they’ll return next week?
Screen Shot 2018-07-07 at 3.37.45 PMScreen Shot 2018-07-07 at 3.37.52 PM


Jam Mart Furniture

Hmm, more sand items! To be honest I’m not very good at making sand items haha, it’s been a while but I remember my sand castle falling apart years ago! Anyway, we have the Sand Couch and the Sand Rug.
Screen Shot 2018-07-07 at 3.38.05 PMScreen Shot 2018-07-07 at 3.38.18 PM


Epic Wonders

We have this lovely Fairy Princess Hat here!
Screen Shot 2018-07-07 at 3.40.26 PM



I played The River’s Heart (Hard) several days ago and HUH, AJHQ didn’t change anything, so that was a bummer! You can refer to this guide to help you around and locate hidden chests.

The only thing that differs is the final completion chests.

Screen Shot 2018-06-23 at 4.31.43 PMScreen Shot 2018-06-23 at 11.22.03 PMScreen Shot 2018-06-23 at 11.39.30 PMScreen Shot 2018-06-24 at 6.50.22 PMScreen Shot 2018-06-24 at 7.07.39 PM

Phantomized Stepping Stones | Phantomized Archway | Phantomized HDTV
Phantomized Koi Pond | Phantomized Bean Bag


That’s all for now! Jam on!

Ice Pop Dodo + Dolphin Chair

Hey! Sorry about being really late! I came home late because I had to stay back for a bit to fix some documents, but I also had to walk to the station since all the streetcars were ridiculously full…


Jamaa Journal

A new weekend sale? This is getting old, isn’t it? A new set of items- the Summer Freeze! I know some areas can get really really hot during the summer, but so far Toronto’s really pleasant with the weather!
Screen Shot 2018-07-05 at 6.02.40 PM

Enchanted Eagles are flying in! Don’t like how the patterns prints itself in the air as they fly… I haven’t actually seen one though.
Screen Shot 2018-07-05 at 6.02.44 PM

I almost got mad when I saw the image because I thought direwolves were the last, but nooo we have to have dodos too! Though seeing how cute they are and that they’re for everyone simmered that anger, but still… why?
Screen Shot 2018-07-05 at 6.02.51 PM

I love this den, the Beach House returns!
Screen Shot 2018-07-05 at 6.02.58 PM

A new exhibit appears, as well as the Spirit Armor!
Screen Shot 2018-07-05 at 6.03.02 PM

Summer is here! Seems like AJHQ wants to remind you of fitting items to decorate your den with! I hope that everyone remembers to stay hydrated though!
Screen Shot 2018-07-05 at 6.03.06 PM

So, does it come with the shoes…? Screen Shot 2018-07-05 at 6.03.11 PM


Jam Mart Clothing

Relax in the heat with a simple Tie-Dye Shirt!
Screen Shot 2018-07-05 at 6.03.28 PM


Jam Mart Furniture

Here we have the Sandman, Sand Window and Egyptian Sphinx.
Screen Shot 2018-07-05 at 6.03.40 PMScreen Shot 2018-07-05 at 6.03.44 PMScreen Shot 2018-07-05 at 6.03.49 PM

Also, if you realised the Direwolves seem to have turned rare!
Screen Shot 2018-07-05 at 6.04.13 PM


Diamond Shop

I got myself a dodo bird!
Screen Shot 2018-07-05 at 6.08.11 PMScreen Shot 2018-07-05 at 6.13.13 PM
Super cute, I had a dard time picking, but I do have one complaint. What is WRONG with the dodo? Where’s the shading? Lack of shading and gradient, it looks so off and flat… Will AJHQ fix that I wonder…
Screen Shot 2018-07-05 at 6.14.27 PM

Also, the Spirit Armor consisting of the Spirit Helmet, Spirit Amulet, Spirit Armor, Spirit Gauntlets and the Spirit Tail Armor is out on sale! The mannequin is wearing the three original Spirit Armour items- the helmet, armour and gauntlets.
Screen Shot 2018-07-05 at 6.14.40 PMScreen Shot 2018-07-05 at 6.14.52 PM

Some sweet treats here, melting under the Jamaa heat!
Screen Shot 2018-07-05 at 6.15.01 PM
Ice Pop Sofa | Ice Pop Chair | Ice Pop Table
Ice Pop Window | Ice Pop Lamp | Giant Melted Ice Pop

Screen Shot 2018-07-05 at 6.15.12 PM
Ice Pop Hat | Ice Pop Necklace
Ice Pop Wings | Ice Pop Gloves
Ice Pop Tail

Also we have the Beach House back!
Screen Shot 2018-07-05 at 6.15.30 PM



AJHQ’s beach house is a lovely place to take a look around! Our hidden item is also a good-looking one this time!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We have this interesting Dolphin Chair here!
Screen Shot 2018-07-05 at 6.18.27 PM



That’s all for now. Tomorrow hopefully I can get a post done earlier!

Jam on!