Pet Stories

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((‘Pet Stories’ is a story written originally by Rainbow000Pegasus, written in a script-styled fashion with accompanying pictures. The main cast consists of mainly pets, but due to the limited amount of pets non-members may have, some will be given a substitute of  . Either way, I hope you’ll enjoy!))


Story 1: The Beginning

Story 2: Danger at School!

Screen Shot 2017-04-19 at 8.08.59 PM
Story 3: School Fun!


screen-shot-2017-02-12-at-11-53-15-amStory 1: The Beginning

Prologue: An Introduction


Purple Kangaroo: Hello, dears! Welcome, pleased to meet you! I’m Purplewings, and this is my younger brother, Nobleapple!

Black Kangaroo: Why, hello there! As said, I’m Nobleapple, leave it to my sister for the introduction! I hope we’ll go along just fine!

Chapter 1: It’s a Start!


((Nobleapple trudges down the hall and sits on the table before the mug filled with warm milk by his sister.))

Nobbleapple: (Yawns) Good mooooooorning, sis.

Purplewings: Good morning, dear. You look sleepy.

Nobbleapple: I don’t wanna go to schooooool

Purplewings: Neither do I at the moment, but let’s hurry. We don’t want to be late.

Nobbleapple: (Groans) Fine…

Purplewings: I’ll be waiting for you outside.

((Purplewings leaves the room, causing to Nobleapple quickly drains his cup and follows his sister outside, finding her standing beside the local travelling portal.))


Nobleapple: Sweet! Another portal ride!

Purplewings: I already inserted our desired destination- school.

Nobleapple: School is, like, so not in my desired list right now.

Purplewings: Hop in! (Jumps into the portal)

Nobleapple: (Groans) It’s not like I have a choice, do I…?

Chapter 2: It’s School

((The portal shimmers, and both Nobbleapple and Purplewings exits the portal, stepping onto the dirt path. The two walks down the path, noisy chattering around them.))screen-shot-2017-02-05-at-10-05-35-pm

Purplewings: I can’t believe it’s already a new term!

Nobleapple: Oh, please, can…

Purplewings: It looks like they’re all gathering about too!

((The school bell rings, and the students who are in the yard walks towards school and into the classroom. The teachers walks in.))


Teacher: Good day, everyone. Welcome back to school. I believe you were expecting for Ms. Purplehamster, but she has left the school body last month. Starting from today, I am your new teacher.

((Noisy chattering by the students are within earshot, talking about their former teacher.))

Teacher: A-hem! I am Mr. Earthsky, but you may refer to me as ‘sir’.

Class: Yes, sir!

Mr. Earthsky: Please, everyone, stand up and introduce yourself. From the back row, please.

Nobleapple: (hesitatingly, stands) Um, hello, I’m Nobleapple. Nice to meet you all! Um, well, I guess I’m just your average kangaroo, loving lentils and jumping a lot. I also enjoy reading comic books.

((Nobleapple pauses then looks at the teacher, who nods. Nobbleapple looks relieved and sits down, while Purplewings stands up in turn.))

Purplewings: U-um h-hello! I-I’m Purplew-wings! Purplewings. Nice to m-meet you all, c-class! I, um, well, uh, I enjoy listening to music. I mean, music, yeah, music, that’s right, uhm, I, uh…

Mr. Earthsky: (Sharply) Do you always stutter when you talk?

Purplewings: (Embarrassed) O-only when I’m ner-nervous, s-sir.

Mr. Earthsky: Very well. (Nods)

((Purplewings quickly sits down, and the blue kangaroo stands.))

Blue Kangaroo: H-heya, all! I’m Waterwings! Nice ta meet ya! I really dig swimming, if not ya can see me playin’ in the rain!

Blue Hamster: Oh no… You might get sick… if you keep doing that…

Waterwings: N-nah, it’s fine.

Mr. Earthsky: We shall continue. Next, the orange kangaroo.

Orange Kangaroo: Oh? Uhm! (Stands) Hello! I’m Fireberry! My hobby? Well, I love drawing and having my own sweet time for a daydream! (Sits)

Blue Hamster: (Looks around and realizes is the next student) A-ah, hello, everyone… I’m Blueberry, I’m glad… I can meet you all and… be part of this class… I… I like to write stories and poems. (Quickly sits)

Green hamster: (Stands confidently) Hello! I’m Goodguy, pleasure to meet you all here! Hello to you to, Mr. Earthsky! Hope we’ll have a jolly year! My interests are in sports, especially soccer! If you all wanna play with me, I’d be more than glad to! You’re next, Zip!

Pink Hamster: (Shyly stands) Why, hello there! I’m Zippygirl, and… (giggles) I like gardening. I’m also Goodguy’s cousin, just for information.

Goodguy: (Jumps up from seat) So if you all wanna mess with her, you gotta deal with me first!

Nobleapple: Alright, we got that.

Mr. Earthsky: While I have already introduced myself, I have not introduced you to my companion. He will be with us very shortly…

((The flapping of wings is undeniable. An owl flies into the classroom.))


Mr. Earthsky: This is Hazysky. He will be helping me keep an eye on you all in case you have learned how to be naughty during the holidays. While he will be absent on most occasions, he is still your teacher. Am I understood?

Class: Yes, sir!

Mr. Earthsky: Alright, then. Today is only a half-day, and now, shall we proceed to your schedules and rules?

Class: Yes, please, sir!

Chapter 3: The Bunnies Next Door

((Gathered outside of the house, two bunnies were outside as well. Four of them stood around, saying nothing for moments, until…))


Nobleapple: Hello, Ms. Spring, is everything… alright?

Springlady: A-aah, Nobbleapple and Purplewings! Good morning.

Purplewings: Ma’am, we just heard you scream and dart out of your bunny burrow. What’s wrong?

Daintysong: Mommy said she saw a ghost, sis…

Nobleapple: It’s not April’s fools yet, Ms. Spring.

Springlady: Dainty!

Daintysong: T-they were concerned!

Springlady: (Sighs) If you must know… I’ve been seeing a ghost in the house recently these days. I’m trying to deny it… but…


Nobleapple: (Impatiently) But…?

Springlady: It was singing an eerie tune! It was the last straw! I’m going to move-

Purplewings: Are you sure, ma’am? I mean, this home is in the line for generations…

Springlady: I don’t want to, but…

Daintysong: The ghost often appears to me before bed too! Singing sweet lullabies!

Springlady: (Horrified) Eeek! Why didn’t you tell me!?

Nobleapple: Cool, like in a comic! Ghosts, ghosts! Whoosh!

Purplewings: That’s not funny, Nobleapple.

Nobleapple: Darn right that wasn’t, but I want to try to get to the bottom of this.

Purplewings: Oh no… He’s been reading too many mystery comics…

Nobleapple: I mean it! I don’t want these guys to move because of one ghost!

Springlady: Aww, that’s so sweet of you!

Nobleapple: I love your cooking, Ms. Spring!

Purplewings: (Smirks) That’s how he tries to hide his true feeling of affections for his neighbours, huh?

Springlady: (Laughs) Alright then, if you too insists. Here’s the little hole, I’m sure you’ll fit- That’s it, Noble, ah, yes… Alright then!

((Purplewings and Nobleapple looks at the bunnies from the burrow.))

Nobleapple: We’ll help you as much as we can, really!

Springlady: I can tell you mean it- good luck! May Mira be with you!

Chapter 4: The Bunny Burrow

((The two kangaroos walk slowly into the burrow, fascinated with everything in it.))

Nobleapple: Whoa, looks so cozy! Their bunny statue entrance is certainly not as welcoming as this!

Purplewings: It does seem very pleasant.

Nobleapple: I wonder where can the ghost be…?


((Both Purplewings and Nobleapple climbed down a ladder and walk into a new room.))

Purplewings: So many books! Woah!

Nobleapple: I’m all about ghost hunting now, Purple.

Purplewings: They have so many books…

Nobleapple: Yeah, but then, there’s no-

Mysterious Voice: Springlady? Are you back?

Purplewings: Who’s… w-who’s t-there?

Nobleapple: The ghost!

Purplewings: W-where-? W-where?

Nobleapple: Look up, sis! It’s there!!



Nobleapple: Woah! A real ghost!

Chapter 5: The Ghost

((Purplewings quickly stepped back and stood behind her brother. Nobleapple looked curiously at the ghost, who seemed just to have taken notice.))

Ghost: You’re not Springlady…

Nobleapple: Who… who are you? I mean, I know you’re a ghost, but… who’s spirit? Whose ghost?

Ghost: Tch, wanna-know-it-all, huh? I might just tell you if you promise not to interrupt me. OK?

Nobleapple: (Smiling) Sure! I want to know!

Ghost: However, you must do me a favour!

Nobleapple: (Crossly) I knew it! A catch!

Purplewings: P-please d-don’t per-persuade it, Noble…

Nobleapple: Just hurry up and tell us. Make sure two joeys like us can manage!

Ghost: For joeys like you, it should be a piece of cake.

Purplewings: Huh?

Ghost: I have been living here for some time now, searching for one item in particular.

Nobleapple: What is it?

Ghost: My lover’s journal.

Purplewings: Somewhere here?

Ghost: (Makes a frustrated noise) This was my home!

Nobleapple: A ghost from Springlady’s ancestors! So cool!

Purplewings: Noble!

Nobleapple: You said you were looking for it. Been long?

Ghost: Aye, and no luck of finding it.

Purplewings: (Gaining composure) H-how do w-we know you’re n-not some kind of f-fake ancestor?

Ghost: (Crossly) What would be the point of it? I’m searching my lover’s journal because she said she left me something there, but hid it because my brother did not approve of our love, she was afraid he’d find it, and now I’m to search for it!

Purplewings: H-how tragic!

Ghost: I’m trying to find my beloved Missplum’s journal, and I cannot rest until then.

Nobleberry: Nor can Springlady in this den. (Upset) What’s your problem singing around?

Purplewings: She was rather freaked out about the ghost issue.

Nobleapple: Have you been around long? Then why did Springlady only saw you recently?

Ghost: (Sadly) I’m starting to give up, it’s been three decades. I wanted her to help me.

Purplewings: Oh my…

Nobleapple: Then, but… If you couldn’t find the journal for three decades, what makes it so easy as pie for joeys??

Ghost: You two probably lose your things all the time, don’t you?

Nobleapple: What? Never!!

Purplewings: Um, perhaps?

Nobleapple: It’s not easy as pie though!! It’s not!!

((The ghost and Noblewings continue to argue about whether it would be an easy task or not.))

Purplewings: Hey, I have a solution how to solve this issue…


Springlady: Hmm, so you’re looking for a journal?

Ghost: Apparently so.

Springlady: Could you describe the journal to me?

Ghost: It has a plain leather cover, and it’s quite thick too.

Springlady: It’s a bit general, but I’ll see what I can do. I haven’t been going through the books lately, so I can’t tell.

Ghost: Alright, thank you very much, I trust you can find it.

Daintysong: Mr. Ghost!!

Springlady: Dainty!

Ghost: (Laughs) Ah, little one? You can call me Ghostie is you want.

Daintysong: (Excitedly) Ghostie!

Purplewings: O-on a more serious note, though, what is your name?

Ghost: Mine? Oh, I used to be called Wheezypaw back in the days.

Springlady: Well then, Mr. Wheezypaw, remember that you owe me a favour,

Ghost: (Sighs) Yes, yes…

Springlady: (Smiles) I’m sure you can handle it fine.

Nobleapple: (Whispers to Purplewings) What is the favour?

Purplewings: (Whisper) Heh, Mr. Wheezy there is to take care of Dainty, apparently.

Nobleapple: (Smirks, whisper) Huh, how convenient, a baby sitter.

Springlady: What are you two whispering about?

Nobleapple: Huh? Oh! Hahaha, I thought this whole incident’s a little silly. I mean, Ms. Springlady ran away from home due to an ancestor’s spirit, and the spirit requires your help when he appeared to you!

Wheezypaw: When you think about it, it’s a little funny! (Chuckles)

Springlady: It’s. Not. FUNNY!!!

((Nobleapple and Wheezypaw continues to laugh, earning an eye roll from Purplewings.))


Story 2: Danger at School!

Chapter 1: Trouble! The School Bell Rings!

((Purplewings’ voice sounds far-away, but has an urgent tone to it.))

Purplewings: Noble, dear? Hurry up! We’re going to be late!

Nobleapple: (Sleepily looks around and suddenly jumps) OH NO! WE’RE GOING TO BE LATE AAAAAH-!!

Purplewings: Do hurry, brother dear!


Nobleapple: Oh no, oh no, oh no, oh no-!!

Purplewings: Quit panicking and hurry! I’ve made you breakfast already!

Nobleapple: Alright!

((Nobleapple quickly hops off the sofa and quickly drains his cup. Together with Purplewings, both characters rush outside and stop in surprise.))


Purplewings: What’s with the crowd?

Springlady: Oh, good morning, Purple, Noble. The local travelling portal (LTP) is currently down. Those two lions are trying to fix it.

Nobleapple: WHAT? The fates really do want us to be late!

Springlady: Oh my… Do you want me to give you a ride? I’m leaving soon with Dainty.

Daintysong: Come on, Purplewings! Please?

Nobleapple: (Frustrated) ARGH!!! We need to go now! Come on, sis!

Purplewings: (Smirking) Huh, and he was the one making me late.

((The two kangaroos bid the bunnies good-bye and rush out to the road. Both are a little panicked and kept running.))

Nobleapple: Eh? I don’t remember this path.


Purplewings: For goodness sake, brother dear, only one month with the LTP and you already forgot this is what is outside of Oakby?

Nobleapple: (Sheepishly) I don’t go out much…

Purplewings: Hmph! Too bad… I just hope we don’t get caught…

Nobleapple: Caught by what?

Purplewings: Oh? Nothing, come on, let’s move!

((Both kangaroos proceed to move forwards along the path. The sound of chattering was constantly increasing.))

Purplewings: (Warily) Oh no… could it be today after all?

Nobleapple: (Curious, upset) What are you so nervous about?

Purplewings: (Stops before speaking) Look ahead, brother dear…

Nobleapple: (Gulps) The inter-race council… again…

Chapter 2: Run! An Ominous Shadow!


Nobleapple: Say, I’m actually curious about what they’re discussing about…

Snake: In accordance to our treaty, we are to keep peace with each other, however, it is my belief that we should also aid one another. The feared bird is coming soon, and we are all at risk.

Hamster: Nonsense! We have burrows to hide in, while you have no protection. You snakes are just in fear!

Snake: A-HEM, while that might be true, reckless young hamsters like that one (points at a wandering hamster) could be in danger when it strikes!

Nobleapple: (Whispering) Sis, what are they talking about?

Purplewings: (Whispering) A predatory bird, it seems.

Hamster: We warm-blooded beings know how to take care of our young, unlike you cold-blooded, emotionless snakes!

Snakes: Hissssssss-!!

Purplewings: (Groans) We should have gone with Lady Spring instead…

Nobleapple: Now it seems like a tempting offer.

Hamster: (In a loud voice) See? You hissed to defend your pride, but you wouldn’t actually listen to logic. What hamster wouldn’t shun away to live with a snake?

Snake: Who’s the one being illogical? We have a treaty, and when you protect us, we will fend off other creatures. Of course, this end once the threat is over-

Hamster: Did you even hear to what you’re saying? It’s absolutely ridiculous! HAR HAR!

Nobleapple: (Whispers) I don’t even see where this is going. Should we just-


Mysterious Bird: Wooooo-th-oooo-

Snakes: Hisssssss-!! HISSSSSSS-!!

Hamsters: EEEEEEK!

Hamster: It’s here!!

Snake: Quickly! We need to make an agreement!

Hamster: We did sign a treaty to help each other equally, didn’t we??

((A shrill cry is heard, replied by the panicked cries of the hamsters and snakes.))

Nobleapple: I think it’s out cue to leave too!

Hamsters: Snakes, hurry in!!

Nobleapple: We should make a dash for shelter and explain ourselves later!

Purplewings: (Nods) Alright, then.

((Joining the throng of snakes, the two kangaroos couldn’t keep up with the snake’s agile pace and soon were overtaken, and the burrow door shut.))

Purplewings: Kyaa! Brother dear, what should we do??

Nobleapple: I don’t think we can outrun the bird, nor can we knock on the hamsters’ burrow door.

Purplewings: Let’s just go! If we’re lucky, we can find shelter or a LTP! Don’t give up yet, dear! Hurry!

Nobleapple: (Determined) Yeah…!

((With that, the two kangaroos dash over to Woodsford.))

Chapter 3: Woodsford


((Two kangaroos emerge among the greens. Located in the dense forest, both of them began to lose their composure as the sound of the crickets and woodland creatures was within earshot.))

Purplewings: B-brother d-dear, are w-we in a-any d-danger?

Nobleapple: Don’t worry! We’re been through before. Cited quote, “For goodness sake, sister dear, only one month with the LTP and you already forgot this is what is outside of Oakby?”

Purplewings: H-hey!

Nobleapple: Hey, now, sis! Don’t worry, we’ve been here before.

Purplewings: A-alright t-then, lead the w-way.

((The two kangaroos walk with ease until they reach a part of the forest where it is suddenly bare of trees. Both kangaroos stop.))

Screen Shot 2017-03-04 at 10.35.13 PM

Nobleapple: Whoa, but cool, but-

Purplewings: Who’d live in a place like this, right?

Nobleapple: Exactly, and the front door’s wide open too.

Purplewings: Please… no more exploration ambitions of yours to be fulfilled. We’re late for school…

Nobleapple: (Loudly) We’re already late anyway!

Purplewings:  Shh!

Nobleapple: So what’s up with being a little bit more late??

Purplewings: Noble, be sensible! Any later and-

Mysterious Bird: Twowooooooo-th-woooooo-!

Nobleapple: Ack!

Purplewings: Kya-!

Screen Shot 2017-03-04 at 10.35.13 PM

Nobleapple: OK, sis, have you changed your mind about entering the building?

Purplewings: R-rather th-than getting p-preyed on!!

Nobleapple: Come on, then!!

((Nobleapple dashes into the run-down building.))

Purplewings: W-wait up!

((Purplewings chases after Nobleapple into the building.))

Chapter 4: The Old Fort

Screen Shot 2017-03-09 at 11.09.21 PM

((Both kangaroos climb up the stairs they face after entering. After reading the landing, they look around warily.))

Nobleapple: Whoa, check that out, sis!

Purplewings: Nobleapple, we need to make sure that this place is-

Nobleapple: Ooh, creepy!

Purplewings: Noble, I- (turns) Wha-

Nobleapple: It’s so weird someone wants to hang a painting on this! Pitch black darkness!

Purplewings: I do have to agree with that. It’s odd.

Screen Shot 2017-03-21 at 9.02.38 PM

Nobleapple: (gasps) Could it be a portal?

Purplewings: You’re suggesting it’s a LTP?

Nobleapple: No! I was thinking… a gate way to an alternate universe!

Purplewings: Brother dear, this is no time for your fantasy nonsense-

Nobleapple: (jumps up) No, it’s not… Aww…

Purplewings: (sighs) Brother dear, let’s check the fort for any portals, then, if none, we proceed back out and go to school.

Nobleapple: We’re closer to home than school! Let’s just go back home!

Purplewings: You’re been out too long with the LTP, huh? We’re in Woodsford now. We just need to travel to the end of the forest and past the neighbourhood and school is in sight! It’s not too far.

Nobleapple: Arrrrgh. It’s not too far? It’s very far.

Purplewings: You can daydream that we’re taking a rest here, because we’re not. So let’s check for any LTPs.

Nobleapple: Aww… alright.

Screen Shot 2017-03-21 at 9.02.38 PM

((Unnoticed by the two kangaroos, the framed image begins to glow ominously. Both kangaroos walk ahead towards an open balcony.))

Nobleapple: A LTP!!

Purplewings: Whoa, you have good eyes for them.

Nobleapple: It’s not glowing, though…

Purplewings: So it must be…

Screen Shot 2017-03-23 at 9.42.55 PM

((Both kangaroos rush towards the LTP.))

Both: No!!

Purplewings: It’s defunct!

Nobleapple: Ugh.

Purplewings: I’m guessing this is a very old building…

Nobleapple: Then that’d be odd! LTPs are rather new!

Purplewings: True, but we don’t have time to play detectives, brother dear. We need to find another location and get to school!

Nobleapple: Why are you so set on going to school? What if that’s where the predatory bird we we running from headed to?

Purplewings: Noble, dear, I’m sorry, I have a feeling-

Nobleapple: Then why drag me into this?? I want to go home! I don’t want to attend school…

Purplewings: Noble! Be logical! I… I already promised mom and dad…

Screen Shot 2017-03-23 at 9.42.55 PM

Nobleapple: When you said you ‘promised’, did you really mean it or not?

Purplewings: (sigh) You’ve used this speech before, brother dear. ‘If you promise to take care of me, why can’t you bring me back home’. That one, right?

Nobleapple: Exactly!

Purplewings: I’m concerned for the best of you, Noble, and education will eventually get you somewhere.

Nobleapple: Now you sound like mom.

Purplewings: Yeah, and? Heed your mom here, Noble, and get to school!

Nobleapple: (tried holding back laughter but couldn’t) Ahahaha-!! That was the worst imitation of mom, like, ever.

Purplewings: (smirks) Alright. As your sister, I’ll accompany you-

Nobleapple: -home!

Purplewings: (chuckles) Not home, but-

Mysterious Bird: Twowoo-!

Nobleapple: Aack!!

Screen Shot 2017-03-23 at 9.42.55 PM

((A familiar owl, Mr. Hazysky, drops out of the skies and lands on the LTP.))

Mr. Hazysky: Two-thwoo?

Nobleapple: MR. SKY???

Purplewings: IT WAS YOU ALL ALONG??

Mr. Hazysky: Tho-woo?

Nobleapple: ARGHH. We ran away from our teacher for nothing!

Purplewings: What. Does Mr. Earthsky send Mr. Hazysky to check up on every late student? Like, whoa-

((Purplewings stop mid-sentence when she sees Mr. Hazysky shake his head.))

Nobleapple: No? Then…?

((Mr. Hazysky spreads his wings and taps his talon on the surface of the LTP.))

Chapter 5: A Way Out

Nobleapple: Hey, sir? It’s broken…

((Mr. Hazysky shakes his head and repeats his action.))

Purplewings: You want us… to fix it?

((Mr. Hazysky shakes his head and repeats his action.))

Nobleapple: You want us both to place our paws on it…?

((Mr. Hazysky nods vigorously.))

Purplewings: Hmm, OK, here goes… (places paw)

Nobleapple: Mine as well! (places paw)

Screen Shot 2017-03-23 at 9.42.55 PM

LTP Computer Voice: Thank you for activating the Local Travelling Portal, or also known as a LTP, in your area. Your code is 678. To deactivate the LTP, please repeat the procedure to shut it down.

Nobleapple: Whaaaaaaat?

Purplewings: So it was a new LTP all along??

Nobleapple: It’s so weird…

Purplewings: I agree. I’ve never seen an LTP like this before…

Mr. HazyskyThowowooo- Thwo-

Nobleapple: I don’t understand, sir, but judging from what you’re doing…

Purplewings: Keying in a location! Are we off for school?

((Mr. Hazysky nods.))

Nobleapple: Alright, let’s go!

Purplewings: Remember, brother dear, we should probably return and shut this LTP down after school.

Nobleapple: There aren’t anymore threats now that-

((Mr. Hazysky shakes his head ever so quickly.))

Purplewings: (gasps) Y-you m-mean-!

Nobleapple: The one we need to hurry to is where the threat is??

Purplewings: School… school is under…?!

Chapter 6: Phantoms’ Attack!

Screen Shot 2017-03-23 at 10.06.26 PM

Mr. Earthsky: Stay back, students… These are the nasty ones…

Phantoms: If you hand over the one with power, we shall let you all go.

Mr. Earthsky: You can bet on your souls that it’s not going to happen.

Phantoms: It’s the hard way then!

((The Phantoms then glowed ominously in blue.))

Screen Shot 2017-03-23 at 10.06.26 PM

Students: MR. SKY!!

Mr. Earthsky: Hold on, children! Just sit tight!

Zippygirl: Oh no… Don’t tell me they’re elemental phantoms-!

Blueberry: Elemental phantoms?

Goodguy: Phantoms with another power other than lightning!

Blueberry: Those exists? They’re not glowing anymore, though.

Goodguy: (gulps) That was them transferring power, now that they have powers now…


Screen Shot 2017-04-02 at 12.23.33 AM

((The phantoms advanced the school teacher.))

Mr. Earthsky: Come any closer and feel my wrath!

Phantoms: (laugh) Your fury? As if-!

Fireberry: Mr. Earthsky!!


Screen Shot 2017-04-02 at 12.23.33 AM

Mr. Earthsky: (shouts) Mira’s Fury!

((Suddenly, a powerful aura surrounded Mr. Earthsky, sending spirits of blue herons towards the phantoms.))

Phantoms: H-he’s got the power of Mira! R-run for it!

Waterwings: Mr. Earth got powers! Cool!

((The students and the teacher watches the phantoms flee.))

Goodguy: Mr. Earthsky is like a superhero! With some magic powers-

Zippygirl: So he’s the one the phantoms want? It didn’t seem like it…

Blueberry: I wonder who they were looking for…

((Mr. Earthsky collapses onto the rug.))

Screen Shot 2017-04-02 at 12.34.59 AM

Fireberry: Mr. Sky!! Oh no!! Mr. Sky!!

Goodguy: So powers do come with a cost too, huh?

Blueberry: Mr. Earthsky…? A-are you alright…?

Mr. Earthsky: (coughs) It seems like… the answer is… no.

Zippygirl: Should we bring you to a hospital, sir??

Mr. Earthsky: That’d be… great. H-hold on… I… I see Mr. Hazysky… outside…

Waterwings: Mr. Hazysky!

Fireberry: With Nobleapple and his sister!

Mr. Earthsky: T-thank Mira… they’re alright…

Goodguy: Mr. Earthsky!! Don’t-

Mr. Earthsky: (sharply) I’m not dying, child. Hurry… and call Mr. Hazysky…

Goodguy: On it!

((Goodguy dashes outside to meet up with the trio.))

Chapter 7: Explanation

Screen Shot 2017-04-02 at 12.51.32 AM

((Goodguy hurriedly rushed outside, where Mr. Hazysky was leading Nobleapple and Purplewings into the class.))

Goodguy: Mr. Sky!! Mr. Sky!! Mr. Earthsky is in trouble! H-he tells me to call you!

Mr. Hazysky: (spread wings) Twooth-twoo?

((Mr. Hazysky takes off into the air and zoomed into the classroom.))

Nobleapple: Did something bad happen to Mr. Earthsky??

Goodguy: A bunch of phantoms attacked our class!

Purplewings: Oh no…

Goodguy: Apparently, though, Mr. Earthsky got some wicked power that scared them away! After that he-

Nobleapple: WHOA! Mr. Earthsky did what-?

Goodguy: I’m not sure either, he shouted something like ‘Mira’s Fairy’ or something.

Purplewings: So it’s related to the Sky Mother…

Goodguy: Yeah. Come on! Let’s go and check him in the sick bay! He was worried when you two didn’t come to school.

Nobleapple: Aww, he was?

Purplewings: (sighs, but then smiles) Come on, then, brother dear, we better tell Mr. Earthsky we’re alright, and apologise too that we got him worrying.

Nobleapple: A-alright!

Screen Shot 2017-04-02 at 12.54.22 AM

Mr. Earthsky: I see… The LTP at your local area was broken, so you had to walk, but you said you activated a portal in Woodsford?

Purplewings: Yeah, it was Mr. Hazysky who taught us how to activated it.

Mr. Earthsky: I… see…

Blueberry: Mr. Earthsky, are you alright now?

Zippygirl: Yeah, Mr. Sky, you collapsed just now…

Mr. Hazysky: Thwoo-

Mr. Earthsky: (nods) Yes, I am alright now, but Mr. Hazysky is right. It’s time I explain to you about what happened today. Please, listen, and understand, but not to repeat this story. Both Mr. Hazysky and I are from the organisation, Legion of Mira, sworn to protect Jamaa against phantoms. When I was assigned to this school, it made me wonder why, but, no doubt, there is someone with exceptional powers, which was why phantoms came.

Fireberry: The one with powers? The one phantoms are after?

Mr. Earthsky: At first, I thought it had to do with the two kangaroos here, intercepted on their way here, so I sent Mr. Hazysky to check on them, but, apparently, phantoms attacked us at our classroom.

Goodguy: Do other teachers know about your ties with such an organization?

Mr. Earthsky: The principal. Yes. However, if I or Mr. Hazysky were to disrupt class for nonsense, we’re to be removed from school premises. That was how your principal worded it.

Nobleapple: We took some time to get here, sorry. Mr. Hazysky was scaring us.

Purplewings: (blushes) W-we thought he w-was a pre-predatory b-bird!

Mr. Earthsky: Yes… and so I forgot. Mr. Hazysky has a language barrier as a disadvantage, he can’t speak Jamaasian like us no matter how much he try, but he can understand them. I’m made to work with him, as I understand Owlish.

Nobleapple: (groans) Tell us sooner next time.

Mr. Earthsky: (wry smile) Maybe next time. However, as I used my powers, my energy has been drained. A few minutes until snack time, students. Why don’t you all enjoy an early break?

Goodguy: Can we really-?

Waterwings: Are you for real-?

Mr. Earthsky: Yes. Now, go and enjoy your time.

Zippygirl: Whoopee!

((The hamsters and kangaroos rushes out, with Mr. Hazysky flying above them. Goodguy looks back before shutting the door.))

Screen Shot 2017-04-18 at 11.01.20 PM

Goodguy: I’m curious about your powers, though…

Mr. Earthsky: Maybe that’s a story for another time…

Goodguy: O-okay!

((The sick bay door shuts with a soft slam!.))

Screen Shot 2017-04-18 at 11.17.27 PM

Pink Lion: Yeah! We’re going to have our birthday soon!

Red Lion: You wanna come?

Yellow Rhino: YES!! OH MY MIRA!

Waterwings: Oh, and, like, wow, that’s awesome, Joyfuljoey!

Fireberry: Oh, yeah, um, yeah! Nice, Joy!

Joyfuljoey: Heehee… Thank you…

Tan Kangaroo: Yeah, Joy! You rock!

Purple Tiger: C’mon, kid, climb higher!

Red Raccoon: I-I’m s-scared o-of heights! N-no more!

Orange Leopard: Yeah right, you better-

Mr. Fancyway: Sharpsplinter! Crustymax! Stop! You both are going to detention!

Sharpsplinter: No way!

Mr. Fancyway: Yes way, Sharpsplinter! You and Crustymax have a LONG day today.

Crustymax: Ungh…

Orange Rooster: Hey, dude, get out, I already found you.

Green Gecko: I’m still hiding though!

Zippygirl: Phew! We didn’t have too much time to have this place for ourselves, huh?

Goodguy: Yeah, but, hey, look what I brought!

Nobleapple: Cool! A football!

Goodguy: (triumphantly) Mhmm! Wanna play catch?

Zippygirl: (giggles) Sure!

Nobleapple: Girls v.s. boys!

Blueberry: (smiles) There’s three of us…

Nobleapple: That’s fine. We’re so gonna win anyway, right, Goodie?

Goodguy: G-Goodie?

Zippygirl: Hah! You’re on, Goodie!

Purplewings: Yeah, brother dear, with me here, you think you’ve already won??

Nobleapple: NOOOOO- Wait, we can’t use out legs in catch right??? Right???

Mr. Hazysky: Hoot.

Purplewings: Alright, alright, we’ll play safe. Who’s throwing the ball first?

Zippygirl: Me!

Goodguy: Alright! Let’s start!

((Zippygirl tosses the ball over to Goodguy, who smiles and passes it back to the girls. The game continues.))


Screen Shot 2017-04-18 at 11.44.11 PM

Mysterious Figure: Is it time yet? Oh, it is… Children has opened the portal, it seems…


Mysterious Figure: Yes, yes, understood. I shall use it for your desire.


Mysterious Figure: Are you certain? That legend is over a hundred years old!


Mysterious Figure: Well, then, if you insist… I shall hunt.


Mysterious Figure: Yes, I know who, Your Darkness…


Mysterious Figure: O-of course, the destined one.


Mysterious Figure: (laughs) WE’LL MEET SOON, DESTINED ONE!

Screen Shot 2017-04-19 at 8.08.59 PM

Story 3: School Fun!

Chapter 1: Announcement!

Screen Shot 2017-04-22 at 9.10.35 PM

Mr. Earthsky: Good morning, class.

Students: Good morning, sir!

Blueberry: How are you now, sir?

Mr. Earthsky: Feeling better, thank you, Blueberry.

Mr. Hazysky: Thoo-woo…

Mr. Earthsky: Ah, yes. Students, I know you’ve been through a lot of panic lately. Phantoms, chased by Mr. Hazysky – (Mr. Hazysky protests at his name) – and even to the fact of needing to help me to get to the sick bay. I have talked to the principal and he had agreed to let me take you guys on a field trip.

Students: Hooray!

Nobleapple: Yes! A field trip!

Mr. Earthsky: Under one condition. It will be an educational field trip.

Goodguy: Aww…

Mr. Earthsky: Today, class will be as per normal. We will hold our field trip at the end of this week. Please make sure your parents are well aware of this and agree. Mr. Hazysky will pass the slips you need to get you parent’s permission from.

Nobleapple: Where are we headed?

Mr. Earthsky: We’re heading to the Blossom Gardens. Now that spring has settled in Jamaa, that is a very ideal place to go.

Purplewings: So we’ll be studying about flowers?

Mr. Earthsky: (nods) More or less. Anymore questions?

Fireberry: How long will we be gone for?

Mr. Earthsky: Friday and Saturday, and we’ll head back to Rhodina Center by Sunday afternoon. So do pack some necessities, perhaps medications, or your favourite plushie.

((Mr. Hazysky takes into the air and passes forms to everyone.))

Mr. Earthsky: However, if you come for the trip without your parent’s approval, I’m afraid we’ll have to send you home.

Waterwings: Are ya kiddin’, sir??

Screen Shot 2017-04-22 at 9.10.35 PM

Mr. Earthsky: (shakes head) I am serious, Waterwings, and I am concerned for you and your parents. What will happen if you disappear into the night and your parents is clueless of the trip?

Waterwings: (frowns) They never let me go on trips.

Zippygirl: You should ask them nicely… maybe they’ll let you, just say that there will be no issues with Mr. Earthsky’s powers-

Mr. Earthsky: No. Do not ever mention about my powers, or the ties of your teachers to the Legion of Mira. I do hope you have kept that with yourselves only.

((Students nod their heads in unison.))

Mr. Earthsky: Good, well then, remember to get your parent’s permission and their signature. No forging.

Students: Alright, sir.

Mr. Earthsky: As for now, grab your books from the back of the class. We’ll be studying Science today to prepare all of you for the field trip.

((Students proceeded to dash to the back of the class and get their books from the shelf.))

Mr. Earthsky: Enough day-dreaming, Firewings. You can dream of the Blossom Gardens at night.

Fireberry: A-ah, y-yes sir!

Screen Shot 2017-04-22 at 10.59.21 PM

((Fireberry dashed to the back of the class and joined her peers to collect their books.))

Mr. Hazysky: Hoot-?

Mr. Earthsky: (shakes head) I doubt it, but I’m certain that it’s going to be a safe trip.

Chapter 2: Heading Off!

Screen Shot 2017-04-22 at 11.08.22 PM

Fireberry: Ooh, you got your mom to sign it!

Waterwings: Haha… yeah… I said it was educational and she instantly agreed. I should have said every field trip I had was educational.

Mr. Earthsky: Alright, is everyone here?

Purplewings: Y-yeah, all seven of us!

Mr. Earthsky: Alright, Mr. Hazysky and I already have your luggage transported and safely stored in the Blossom Inn. Mr. Hazysky has the coordinates set. Are you guys ready?

Goodguy: (chuckles) I was hoping to have more time playing here in the playground. It is seldom this empty…

Zippygirl: (teasing tone) Goodie!

Goodguy: Stop calling me that!

Waterwings: C’mon, guys! I really want ta’ go!

Mr. Earthsky: Alright, hamsters, go on with Mr. Hazysky, and kangaroos after them. I’ll be rejoining you shortly after turning off the LTP.

Students: Alright!

((Students begin to enter the portal, excited for their journey.))

Nobleapple: (whispers) Hey, sis… We forgot to turn off that LTP in Woodsford, didn’t we…

Purplewings: (whispers) Oh no… I totally forgot about it…

Nobeapple: (loudly) Mr. Earthsky! Can you turn off an LTP and then go through it?

Mr. Earthsky: The timing shut-down. You can do that.

Nobleapple: That’s odd, Mr. Hazysky never told us about it.

Purplewings: Maybe it didn’t cross his mind when he wanted to rush us to school.

Nobleapple: We’ll have to ask him later.

Screen Shot 2017-04-22 at 11.23.51 PM

Mr. Earthsky: Nobleapple, Purplewings, step into the portal. It’s your turn.

Purplewings: A-ah yes…

((Both kangaroos step into the portal, and appears in another place where the trees were pink and white and flowers was everywhere. Before them was the Blossom Inn.))

Screen Shot 2017-04-22 at 11.12.01 PM

Pink Deer: Ah, hello, you are Mr. Earthsky, no? You ordered four rooms, no?

Mr. Earthsky: Ah yes, and you must be the manager, Ms. Dewdrop, was it?

Dewdrop: Yes. Your stuff is already in the rooms, no?

Mr. Earthsky: Yes, I’ve already sent them here and ensured they’re in the four rooms.

Dewdrop: Keys? You have keys?

Mr. Earthsky: (nods) Yes, the keys are with us, thank you.

Dewdrop: I believe this is your first visit to Blossom Gardens. You need a tour guide?

Mr. Earthsky: Thank you for the offer, Ms. Dewdrop, but no thank you.

Dewdrop: OK, Blossom Gardens wish you good day.

((Mr. Earthsky turns around and faces the students and Mr. Hazysky.))

Mr. Earthsky: Good, all of you are here and not running around like it’s your first visit to a garden. So, do we have our notebooks?

((Students reply yes as they take their notebooks out.))

Mr. Earthsky: Alright. Good, now let’s observe spring in Jamaa!

Chapter 3: Spring Has Sprung

Screen Shot 2017-04-22 at 11.23.51 PM

((The class, students and teachers, walk along the fields. Grass underneath paws, flowers around them, up their legs, tickling them.))

Mr. Earthsky: Notes.

((Students whip their notebooks out and their pencils. Mr. Hazysky sat on a branch.))

Mr. Earthsky: This flowering plant is known as a white rose-rock, in the family Cistaceae, genus cistus.

Goodguy: (groans) English, please, sir.

Mr. Earthsky: It is English, Goodguy. You don’t have to write it down if you don’t understand, but I highly suggest so for facts and so. Anyway, the leaves are simple, and they stay green over the year.

Purplewings: That’s so cool!

Mr. Earthsky: (nods) Touch them. How do they feel?

((The students began rubbing the leaves of the plant underneath their feet.))

Waterwings: Err, rough.

Mr. Earthsky: Yes, rough. These flowers have five petals, as you can see around you. They need open, sunny places. Even though they’re white, they can come in other colours. Pink, purple… Their buds are red in colour.

Blueberry: Err, red?

Mr. Earthsky: Odd, but yes, red. Despite them being quite low lying, they can grow up to one meter tall. Imagine!

Students: Whoa…

Mr. Earthsky: Tolerant to droughts, easy to handle too. While we’re here I want you to sketch the flower. White wrinkly petals, a yellow center, add it into your notebook. Close your notebooks when you’re done. Take your time, we’re in no rush.

((The students began to sketch and draw the flowers.))

Nobleapple: Even though if it’ an educational field trip it isn’t so bead, huh, sis?

Purplewings: It sure is a pleasant one. Even though Mr. Earthsky seems to be rushing he’s not. It’s always great to spend time outside.

((One by one, each student closes their notebooks.))

Mr. Earthsky: OK, now let’s proceed.

Screen Shot 2017-03-31 at 9.26.30 PM

((The class moves forwards, towards a pond.))

Mr. Earthsky: Over there, you can see purple flowers. They are crocuses, or croci. The singular version would be crocus. Cup shaped and solitary- you can see they are bunched up in threes or so, and not as close to each other like the cistus.

Blueberry: So pretty!

Mr. Earthsky: Tall leaves, and has six petals. Other than purple, they can be white or yellow too. They grow up to around fifteen centimeters, and usually prefer drier soil.

Fireberry: What are those purple flowers over there near the croci, sir?

Mr. Earthsky: Oh? Ohh, looks like they’re purple cistus.

Waterwings: Do ya suppose we can find a pink one around here?

Mr. Earthsky: Who knows? Come now, let’s sketch the crocus.

((As the students began to sketch, something crawled out on the grass.))

Zippygirl: A ladybird!

Goodguy: A-aah! A ladybird! Mr. Earthsky! May I catch it??

Mr. Earthsky: (shakes head) No, Goodguy, leave it be.

Nobleapple: Can you tell us about the ladybird too?

Mr. Earthsky: Hmm… A ladybug… OK. The red part of their body… they’re wing covers. They can lift them up and reveal foldable wings. Aside from being red they can be orange or yellow too depending on species. Other than that, I don’t know much.

Nobleapple: Works for me! I don’t want to study just flowers around here!

Blueberry: S-should we sketch the ladybug too?

Mr. Earthsky: If you wish to, go ahead.

((The students began to sketch again as the ladybug stuck around for a bit before lifting into the air with it’s wings.))

Students: DONE!

Mr. Earthsky: Fantastic. Let’s get back to the inn and get your rooming arrangements sorted out. Grab a towel or so, and meet the two of us in the lobby with your notebook. Don’t wander around, and make sure you stick to your roommates.

Goodguy: Rooming arrangements?

Mr. Earthsky: Once we’re back, I will give each of you room assignments. Hurry along now, let’s not waste out time dilly-dallying while the sun is still up. Around this time the sun isn’t too bright yet, so let’s hurry. You can explore more of the gardens in the evening.

Students: Alright!

Chapter 4: Wet!

Screen Shot 2017-05-20 at 5.10.12 PM

Mr. Earthsky: Alright then. I’ve made rooming arrangements. If you want to change do tell so! OK, Mr. Hazysky will definitely be rooming with me. If you have troubles you can find us in our room number five. Fireberry and Waterwings, you’re together. Keep an eye on Fireberry and make sure she doesn’t day-dream into trouble. You both get room number six. Any objections?

Waterwings: Yay! Roomies!

((Mr. Hazysky passes the two a key.))

Mr. Earthsky: Next I think you both as siblings would be alright to be sleeping with each other. Purplewings and Nobleapple, both of you reside room number seven.

Nobleapple: Pfft no matter where I go I can’t evade my sister.

Mr. Earthsky: Do you want a rooming change?

Purplewings: (smiling) I’m sure dear brother loved your idea to keep us close.

Nobleapple: Hey!

Mr. Earthsky: If you want you can team up with Goodguy, but we shouldn’t leave Purplewings alone, should we?

Nobleapple: Who’s he with?

Mr. Earthsky: With us teachers.

Goodguy: WHAT?

Zippygirl: Shh, don’t shout here, Goodie!

Nobleapple: Oh… haha.. I’ll stick with my sister…

Goodguy: I don’t want to be with you both!

Mr. Earthsky: Nothing I can do, Goodguy. Your mother wanted me to put you under tight supervision. I can’t let your mother down, now can I?

Goodguy: Aww…

Blueberry: So… I’m with Zippygirl?

Mr. Earthsky: Yes, that’s right, in room number eight.

Zippygirl: How cool is that, girl? We’re going to stay up all night!

Mr. Earthsky: We will have curfew, of course, Zippygirl, we do have a day tomorrow.

Zippygirl: Aww…

((Mr. Hazysky handed the keys over as they all agreed to the rooming arrangements.))

Mr. Earthsky: Make sure you keep your keys with you and that it’s not lost.

Students: OK sir!!

Mr. Earthsky: Come now, then! Follow me. All your luggage are in my room.

((Quickly, each student claimed their luggage and brought them to their own rooms. Purplewings unlocked their room and the two entered.

Screen Shot 2017-06-02 at 11.32.17 PM

Purplewings: Whoa, cozy…

Nobleapple: Yeah! It sure feels great here.

Purplewings: I call dibs on that bed!

Nobleapple: Whaaa-?

Purplewings: Closer to the window, and the one with the fluffier pillow!

Nobleapple: Hey no fair… Race you there!

Screen Shot 2017-06-02 at 11.33.39 PM

((Nobleapple sprinted ahead but Purplewings quickly leapt forwards and onto the bed.))

Purplewings: Ha! Beat you fair and square!

Nobleapple: Aww…

Purplewings: Come now, brother dear, let’s find a towel, grab the notebook and meet up at the lobby!


((Purplewings and Nobleapple went to the lobby to find the others already there.))

Mr. Earthsky: It seems like everyone’s here. Come now, let’s go!

((The students began to follow Mr. Earthsky‘s lead out of the inn and back into the sunlight.))

Nobleapple: Mr. Hazysky seems to be holding a basket… What’s in it I wonder?

Purplewings: I’m hoping, like, lunch.

Nobleapple: Ohh, yes… Lunch…

Mr. Earthsky: Come now, students. It may be a little… hard to squeeze through but it’s a lovely scene!

((Mr. Hazysky flies overhead and the students followed Mr. Earthsky.))

Waterwings: Sirrr… You blend with the trees…

Mr. Earthsky: Hold on, Waterwings. We’re close to our destination.

Goodguy: Where exactly is that?

Mr. Hazysky: Twoo-wooo thoo-

Mr. Earthsky: (nods) Oh yes, somewhere enchanting.

Screen Shot 2017-03-31 at 9.26.13 PM

Mr. Earthsky: Here we are, students! My favourite places of all in a garden. Separated from the busy center, in the tranquility of the water.

Waterwings: Wateeeeeeer!!

Mr. Hazysky: Twooo

Mr. Earthsky: Yes. (turns to face students) According to Mr. Hazysky, you are all going to have a lot of fun! (smiles) Go on! Wade into the pool. Watch the current, though, we are near a waterfall after all…

Waterwings: Whoooo-hoooooo-hoo! Swimming!

((Waterwings leaped into the water.))

Waterwings: Come on! Race y’all to the other side of the river! Last one is a rotten egg!

Fireberry: Wait up!

Nobleapple: You guys won’t beat me!

Purplewings: Oh no, you don’t, brother dear!

((All three kangaroos plunged into the water and raced towards the other end of the river.))

Zippygirl: Look at them go!

Goodguy: Whooo! Whooo! Go Noble!

Zippygirl: Come on! Let’s join the fun too!

Goodguy: Y-yeah!

((Both hamsters entered the water and spalshed around.))

Mr. Earthsky: (smiles) It’s great when the weather is being pleasant… and the waters aren’t teasing us… (whispers) Thank Mira.

Screen Shot 2017-03-31 at 9.26.13 PM

Nobleapple: Mr. Earthsky, you’re not going in?

Mr. Earthsky: Why is it that you ask, Nobleapple? I’m here to supervise you, not to have fun. Go ahead, I’m keeping an eye on you all.

Goodguy: Ah, but, sir, you said you like the tranquil areas, come on in and have some fun!

Zippygirl: Yeah! You had a lot of things on your plate recently, Mr. Earthsky, why don’t you get into the water?

Mr. Earthsky: I’m glad for the offer, thank you, but I’m afraid it would be unfair to leave Mr. Hazysky to do all the watching.

Zippygirl: Ahh… but, hey! Blueberry? Aren’t you coming in?

Blueberry: I… prefer it here…

Waterwings: Eh? Why, Blueberry? Y’ aren’t scared of water, now, right?

Blueberry: N-no, it’s just that I… can’t swim!

Fireberry: You can’t swim? That’s dangerous!

Purplewings: (swims over to Blueberry) You really can’t-?

Blueberry: (shakes head) Can’t.

Mr. Earthsky: I’m assuming you all want to teach her?

Waterwings: Oh Zios, yes, that’d be sweet!

Purplewings: I’m willing!

Zippygirl: Me too!

Mr. Earthsky: It’s always refreshing to see your enthusiasm, class, however, due to the current, this is not a good idea.

Fireberry: Aww, and I was getting fired up.

Mr. Earthsky: I’m happy that you’re willing to help each other, even for the slightest things. (small smile) However, I must ensure Blueberry has her share of fun too.

Blueberry: Huh? What do you mean?

Mr. Earthsky: (turns and faces Blueberry) Blueberry, you can’t swim, right? How about we venture further into the gardens?

Blueberry: I-I’d like that! I love f-flowers!

Mr. Earthsky: Hazy, can I entrust these six to you then?

Mr. Hazysky: Hoot-two!

Mr. Earthsky: Alright then. Even when I’m not around, or even Mr. Hazysky, I expect you all students to behave and make sure to conduct safety first.

Waterwings: Aye sir!

Mr. Earthsky: Water is very dangerous, so play safe if anything, alright?

Students: OK sir!!

Mr. Earthsky: Also, don’t over-exhaust yourselves. If you’re tired, head on to the surface. Even if you’re not tired, you ARE all getting out of the water for lunch.

Nobleapple: Lunch, yum!

Mr. Earthsky: I’m only heading out for a while, so make sure you all behave.

Students: YES, SIR!

Mr. Earthsky: Alright. Let’s head out, Blueberry. Follow me.

((Mr. Earthsky leads Blueberry out from the area through the trees.))

Zippygirl: Aww, so she couldn’t swim?

Purplewings: I’m sure she’ll learn some day soon… Especially with Mr. Earthsky as our teacher. With how he worded it, it seemed like he and water are not really on such good terms, calling it dangerous.

Waterwings: I wonder…

Goodguy: Oh, hey, and, I’ve been wondering for some time now, but… there’s actually a secret cavern behind the waterfall. I took a quick peek just now.

Nobleapple: Huh? What?

Waterwings: Awesome!

Purplewings: T-though we’re supposed to play safe…

Nobleapple: Should we wait for Mr. Earthsky to return and ask him for permission, then?

Purplewings: I guess? Mr. Hazysky isn’t one who likes getting wet… due to feathers…

Goodguy: Haha, alright then. Now, let’s have some light-hearted fun!

Students: YEAH!

Chapter 5: Downstream

Screen Shot 2017-06-05 at 4.49.35 PM

((Mr. Earthsky had led Blueberry up a grassy hill before lowering himself down a wooden ladder nailed to the steep side of a hill.))

Blueberry: Mr. Earthsky? Where are we?

Mr. Earthsky: The inn manager, Ms. Dewdrop, said there was a row-boat stationed in the side of a hill where people could row and enjoy the scenery.

Blueberry: I see. That’s nice…

Mr. Earthsky: (chuckles) Isn’t it? Climb aboard, Blueberry.

Blueberry: Can we really? Doesn’t it belong to someone?

Mr. Earthsky: Not to worry. It belongs to Ms. Dewdrop, who lends it to the inn for their guests and employees.

Blueberry: (smiles) I like boats!

Mr. Earthsky: Then what are you waiting for? Come, I’ll help you.

((Both Mr. Earthsky and Blueberry climb up the row boat.))

Mr. Earthsky: Do you know how to row?

Blueberry: I know how to… a little…

Mr. Earthsky: Alright, then, don’t let it bother you.

Blueberry: I see no oars, though.

Mr. Earthsky: We’re still close to the waterfall, so the current is still pretty strong. What we need is a stick to be able to shift directions.

Blueberry: Oh, OK.

((Mr. Earthsky bends down to find a rather long stick.))

Mr. Earthsky: Ah, this will do. Let’s go travel, Blueberry.

Blueberry: Alright!

((Mr. Earthsky unwind the rope from the pole of the small dock and gave a small push, and off the boat went speeding with the current.)) 

Blueberry: Whoaaaa!!

Mr. Earthsky: Not to worry, Blueberry. I’m sure nothing malicious lurks around these waters. Ms. Dewdrop said so herself.

Blueberry: The current isn’t too strong, though, is it?

Mr. Earthsky: (shakes head) For a little critter like us, yes, but not for such a sturdy boat.

Screen Shot 2017-06-20 at 11.07.53 PM

Blueberry: (gasps) White rose-rocks!

Mr. Earthsky: Yes, Blueberry. Seems like they are abundantly grown here.

Blueberry: (excited) So pretty!

Mr. Earthsky: Take a look around, Blueberry. Blossom Gardens has it’s unique perks from the river view, isn’t it?

((The two enjoys the scenery of flowers and constant insects from the boat, with Mr. Earthsky shifting the direction from time to time with the stick.))

Blueberry: A split in the river!

Screen Shot 2017-06-20 at 11.26.12 PM

Mr. Earthsky: Ah, Ms. Dewdrop told us to take that sharp left turn if we met a split…

((Mr. Earthsky uses the stick to try to maneuver them to the left.))

Mr. Earthsky: It really is… a sharp turn… (stick breaks) …Mira!

Blueberry: Mr. Earthsky?

Mr. Earthsky: Hang on, Blueberry! We must go with the flow of current now!

Blueberry: Whoaaaaaaa-!

((The boat is swept by the current to straight ahead.))

Mr. Earthsky: Zios knows where we’d headed to… Can you see ahead, Blueberry?

Blueberry: There’s another turn ahead! It’s the only way!

Mr. Earthsky: Then I suppose we should follow the current now.

((Mr. Earthsky and Blueberry continued to observe their surroundings as the boat turned around a bend.))

Blueberry: A-aah… Rocks!

Mr. Earthsky: R-right ahead?

Blueberry: Y-yes, s-sir! I think a wa-waterfall too!

Mr. Earthsky: G-good enough. No matter what happens, hold tight, Blueberry!

Blueberry: M-Mr. Earthsky! (screams) WE’RE GOING TO PLUNGE DOWN AND MEET OUR DOOM!!

Mr. Earthsky: H-hold on, Blueberry!

Screen Shot 2017-04-01 at 11.11.34 PM

((The end of the waterfall is now visible. Mr. Earthsky stands up on the boat.))

Blueberry: S-sir! W-what are you d-doing?

Mr. Earthsky: Transforma: Rocks!

((Suddenly, Mr. Earthsky thrusts his hands outwards at the rocks, then towards the skies, and the rocks before the waterfall shot upwards as if making a barrier.))

Mr. Earthsky: H-hold o-on! I’m going to try to slow the boat.

((With that, Mr. Earthsky grabs the broken stick and rams it against the river bank.))

Mr. Earthsky: Ugh-!

Blueberry: M-Mr. Earthsky?

Mr. Earthsky: G-good…! T-the boat is slowing!

((The boat stops with a thud as it rams against the barrier of stones.))

Screen Shot 2017-04-01 at 11.11.34 PM

Mr. Earthsky: Thank Mira the boat was slow enough… even if those stones… aren’t too deadly to destroy this boat… (laughs) What… what will I ever tell Ms. Dewdrop? I doubt this boat is unscathed…

((Silence. The chattering of familiar sounds are heard.))

Blueberry: That’s Zippygirl’s laugh! W-we’re near them!

Mr. Earthsky: We’re… probably a waterfall away. The waterfalls all eventually pool down into that river where they’re playing, anyway. H-hold on, Blueberry, if you don’t mind enjoying the scenery for a bit longer from up here… and let me catch my breath… before we head… off…

Blueberry: R-rest a while, sir! I-I don’t mind!

Mr. Earthsky: (smiles) T-thank you, Blueberry… look at all those flowers from up here…

Blueberry: Beautiful…

Chapter 6: Hidden Cavern

((A short brief break for lunch in the garden was enough to make the students energetic again. Even Blueberry who was slightly shaken up by the incident was calm and collected once more. Settling down for an hour, the students resumed their swimming fun.))

Goodguy: Watch this!

((The green hamster jumped from the riverbank high up into the air, flips himself and plunged into the waters.))

Mr. Earthsky: Goodguy! No silly tricks! It’s not safe here for you to do that!

Goodguy: Ah! Speaking of safe we were waiting for you to come back for approval.

Mr. Earthsky: What is it, Goodguy?

Goodguy: Behind this waterfall is a little cavern! I want to explore it!

Waterwings: So do I!

Nobleapple: I too!


Mr. Earthsky: That would be unfair to Blueberry-

Blueberry: I-I can slip in by the side!

Mr. Earthsky: (sighs) If you really want to do some exploring, let me have a small chat with Mr. Hazysky.

Screen Shot 2017-03-31 at 9.25.13 PM

Mr. Earthsky: Hazy, you probably think it’s reckless but I just wasted most of my power.

Mr. Hazysky: (crossly) Twoo-whooooo-wo?

Mr. Hazysky: I brought Blueberry out on a boat to enjoy scenery, but we missed a sharp turn by far and got swept away. We were at the brink of crashing down a waterfall. Luckily… transforma is what I mostly study in the Legion.

Mr. Hazysky: Thwo-woo?

Mr. Earthsky: Those kids really want to explore, but if anything comes up I don’t have the power again. I had to change a lot of rocks earlier. So, Hazy, if you want to go with them, that’s fine by me, and if you don’t want to-

Mr. Hazysky: Tho-woo! Tho-woo!

Mr. Earthsky: (softly) I’m not forcing you, Hazy, only if-

Mr. Hazysky: Tho-woo! Thoo-thoo-thwu!

Mr. Earthsky: (chuckles) If you insist then. (looks away) While you’re bringing them, I’ll go return the boat to that deer, Dewdrop. (looks at Mr. Hazysky’s eyes) If anything, don’t abandon the students, Mr. Hazysky. You’re their teacher, not just a member of the Legion of Mira.

Screen Shot 2017-03-31 at 9.26.13 PM

Mr. Earthsky: Students! Mr. Hazysky has decided to bring you to explore the cavern!

Waterwings: YAY! Three cheers for Mr. Hazysky!

Mr. Earthsky: However, remember to conduct safety first.

Students: Yes, sir!

Mr. Earthsky: Try not to cause trouble, and listen to Mr. Hazysky if there is any sort of trouble, alright?

Students: Yes, sir!

((Mr. Hazysky spreads his wings and goes through the wall of water, followed by the swimming kangaroos while both Goodguy and Zippygirl helps Blueberry get to the secret cavern location without needing to swim. In the damp cavern, something glows.))

Screen Shot 2017-04-22 at 10.44.05 PM

Purplewings: G-glowing mushrooms?

Waterwings: Are they safe?

Nobleapple: If Mr. Hazysky is perched on them…

((Hearing that statement, the students rushed towards the mushrooms to take a closer look at them as Mr. Hazysky observe them.)

Zippygirl: They’re so fascinating! I’ve never seen anything like these before–

Waterwings: Eh? Fire?

((Waterwings looked back to see Fireberry edging away from the mushrooms.))

Fireberry: Not to alarm everyone, but… there’s a weird aura around them. I think we should hurry and explore the cave if we want to…

Mr. Hazysky: Thoooo-woo-woo!

Nobleapple: Ugh… I wish it was Mr. Earthsky with us because I just remembered we can’t understand Owlish.

Waterwings: E-either way, Fireberry isn’t comfortable here, we might want ta move on…

Goodguy: Yeah, let’s…

((Guided by Mr. Hazysky, the students arrived at another room.))

Purplewings: Look! What’s that??

Screen Shot 2017-04-22 at 10.40.32 PM

Fireberry: Zios!!!

Nobleapple: It’s a good sign, I hope?

Blueberry: It is Zios, after all…

Mr. Hazysky: Twooo-woo-ooh!

Nobleapple: (sighs) We still don’t understand you, sir…

Goodguy: It’s a dead end…

Purplewings: Dead end??

Waterwings: Aww! I thought the cave was much bigger!

Goodguy: Me too…

Mr. Hazysky: Twooo-woo-ooh!

Purplewings: Are you trying to show us something, sir?

Nobleapple: I think?

Zippygirl: Yeah! This tile is loose, and, look!

((Zippygirl, with the help of Goodguy and Mr. Hazysky, lifts up the tile with a grunt.))

Waterwings: Whoaa! A vine-ladder! That’s so awesome!

Purplewings: Is it safe?

Goodguy: Only one way to find out!

((Goodguy hops onto the vine and slides down.))

Goodguy: Safe!

Fireberry: (shouts) That was dangerous!! (echoes)

Nobleapple: I agree, Goodguy…

Zippygirl: Don’t do that again!

Goodguy: Aww, wow, you guys are so mad at me… I won’t do that again, but do come down! There’s something glowing here!

Blueberry: I hope it’s not trouble…

((The students then begin to make their way down the vine ladder, watched over by Mr. Hazysky.))

Purplewings: A glow of light…

Waterwings: What is it?

Goodguy: (smiles) Why don’t we find out?

Zippygirl: Goodie! Don’t be rash!

Goodguy: I won’t! (dashes off)

Zippygirl: Wow, seriously?

Nobleapple: We better follow, then?

Mr. Hazysky: Hoot…

Blueberry: Aww… Mr. Hazysky sounds upset about all this… Sorry sir…

Mr. Hazysky: Thoo-whoo… (flies off)

Nobleapple: We better follow…!

((Students follow after Mr. Hazysky, who is following Goodguy.))

Goodguy: Wow! Look!

Screen Shot 2017-04-29 at 10.23.55 PM

Waterwings: A chest!

Goodguy: How cool is that?

Zippygirl: Super cool!

Fireberry: I wonder what’s inside…?

Goodguy: I too, wonder…

Zippygirl: Let’s go open it then!

((Zippygirl dashed towards the chest, and pushed the chest’s keyhole open, only for the lid to spring open, shocking herself and Goodguy.))

Zippygirl: It’s not locked…?

Goodguy: Huh?

Nobleapple: Is it empty?

((Mr. Hazysky helps to open the chest, and Zippygirl jumps in.))

Zippygirl: Empty! Alas, empty but scraps of paper…

Purplewings: Could they be of any importance?

Zippygirl: I can’t read the text…

Nobleapple: Must be some gibberish then…

Blueberry: Aww… Cheer up, at least you had an adventure…

Waterwings: We, Blueberry! You’re with us!

Fireberry: Though if there isn’t any treasure, I must saw this was quite the thrill…!

Zippygirl: Haha yeah!

Goodguy: Aww, I wanted some treasure though!

Mr. Hazysky: Hoot…

Waterwings: Heehee, can’t always get what ya want, I guess!

Goodguy: True…

Purplewings: We better head back soon before Mr. Earthsky worry about us.

Blueberry: Good call.

((The students dash towards the vine ladder and slowly make their way up. Blueberry glances back, to see Mr. Hazysky still perched on the chest.))

Blueberry: Mr. Hazysky, are you coming?

Mr. Hazysky: Twoo-woo-twoo…

Blueberry: (smiles) See you up there, then!

((Mr. Hazysky then watches the students climb the ladder, and seeing they have almost reached the top, grabbed the contents of the chest and flew up.))


Screen Shot 2017-11-10 at 10.11.08 PM

Mr. Hazysky: Twooo-woo-ooh!

Mr. Earthsky: Huh, what’s this, Hazy?

((Mr. Hazysky drops the scrolls on Mr. Earthsky’s bed, and the kangaroo unrolls it.))

Mr. Earthsky: Mira… the text is so tiny… Hold on… (grabs a magnifying glass)

Mr. Hazysky: Twoooo-hoo-?

Mr. Earthsky: Hazy… how did you find these…

Mr. Hazysky: Thwo-?

Mr. Earthsky: Mira… This is a very, very dangerous yet powerful thing… Hazy… This is… a spell for Transforma: Fur…!

Chapter 7: Show and Tell

((The students are filing into the classroom. There was friendly chattering left and right, evidently from excitement from the previous day and expectations for the day.))

Nobleapple: Ahh, I still can’t believe that it’s almost a month now that since we went to Blossom Gardens and now we’re back at school…

Purplewings: (rolls eyes) Really, brother dear? It’s almost a month now already…

Nobleapple: No… really.

Purplewings: Whatever you say, I guess.

((The bell rings, signalling the beginning of the day, as the students of the class waited for their teacher to enter.))

Mr. Hazysky: Twoo-hoo-!

Goodguy: That must be them.

((Two figures entered the classroom, one being a brown kangaroo and the other a grey owl.))

Blueberry: M-Mr. Earthsky, good morning!

Screen Shot 2018-01-13 at 7.26.52 PM

Class: Good morning, sirs!

Mr. Earthsky: Good morning, class. Have you all prepared for today?

Goodguy: (panicked) P-prepared for what, sir??

Mr. Earthsky: (sighs) Don’t play funny with me, Goodguy. You know it well.

Goodguy: I was trying to lighten up the mood!

Zippygirl: All you did was made me panic…

Mr. Hazysky: Throo-doo-woo…

Mr. Earthsky: Ah, yes, we’re getting out of hand. Alright, five minutes to get your things ready, and relax a little!

Class: Yes, sir!

Mr. Earthsky: The method we use to see who’s going first would be a lottery-style. Mr. Hazysky will do the honour of drawing the names. (Looks around) Where’s Fireberry?

Waterwings: Aa-ah, Fire says she’s going to come today…

Mr. Earthsky: Late… then? (sighs)

Zippygirl: Don’t worry, sir! She’ll probably come!

Mr. Earthsky: Let’s all hope she didn’t day-dream her way out of reality and into danger…

Blueberry: That’s so poetic…!

Waterwings: But let’s hope that’s not true!

Purplewings: I second that.

Mr. Hazksky: Throo-doo-woo…

Mr. Earthsky: Your five minutes are ticking away, class…

Goodguy: (faking panic) Eek-!

((As the students got their items ready, Mr. Earthsky wrote the name of each student on a long strip of paper, cut the paper strips into each rectangle and folded them., placing it into a jar.))

Mr. Earthsky: Five minutes are over! The first name that’s being pulled out would be…

Blueberry: I hope it isn’t me…

Mr. Earthsky: (smirks) Oh, what do you know? Goodguy, you’re up!

Goodguy: Whaa…

Nobleapple: Good luck, Goodguy!

Zippygirl: Especially for someone who didn’t prepare, you’ll need it!

Goodguy: Aww, you guys! I prepared, okay?

Mr. Earthsky: Then, please proceed with the presentation.

Goodguy: Yes, sir!

((Goodguy walks to the front with an item, raised high.))

Screen Shot 2018-01-13 at 7.27.24 PM

Goodguy: I’m sure many of you know what THIS is!

Zippygirl: Duh, yeah!

Purplewings: I’m not sure I follow?

Mr. Earthsky: Goodguy, don’t make other people do your work. It’s your duty to do the telling, not just the showing.

Goodguy: Ha! Don’t need to get so upset, sir! This is my favourite football! It was from my dad! I often bring it to school to play during recess, I’m pretty sure you know it, Nobleapple!

Nobleapple: I’m… starting to remember…

Goodguy: (laughs) Take your time remembering… We’re not in a rush!

Mr. Earthsky: Stay on task, Goodguy.

Goodguy: Right…! Sorry! (laughs) So, anyway, I picked this because I like playing sports!

Waterwings: How did you get it?

Goodguy: Two years ago, my birthday gift! My dad likes playing catch himself so he decided to give me a ball to play catch with. He brought me to a store and asked me which one I’d like. I don’t remember why, but I picked this one. I think it’s because it’s the odd one out, the one that isn’t round.

Zippygirl: (giggles) What a reasoning mind you have then!

Goodguy: I don’t regret my choice though! One of my most treasured things in this entire world!

Waterwings: One of the…?

Goodguy: Hey, you can’t just exclude my parents from the list!

Blueberry: Aww…

Goodguy: That’s all I have to say!

Mr. Earthsky: Alright, then. You can be seated. Mr. Hazy?

((Mr. Hazysky picked the next slip of paper.))

Mr. Earthsky: Zippygirl! You’re next!

Zippygirl: (giggles) Aye, aye, sir! Though… my item is in the kitchen, can I go get it?

Mr. Earthsky: Yes, go ahead.

((Zippygirl exits.))

Nobleapple: I wonder what she has…

Goodguy: Probably something baked…

Blueberry: Baked…?

Goodguy: Zip likes to bake! I wonder what will she bake this time…

((A fresh aroma fills the air as a teacher steps into the class with Zippygirl. The teacher sets the pie down at the front desk and waves at Mr. Earthsky before leaving.))

Goodguy: Oooh! A pie! What pie is it, Zip?

Mr. Earthsky: Goodguy! Sit still and give Zippygirl the pleasure of the telling!

Goodguy: (startled) A-ah! Sorry! Sorry!

Mr. Hazysky: Hwoooooo-

Screen Shot 2018-01-13 at 7.28.46 PM

Zippygirl: I’m Zippygirl, and for today’s show and tell, I brought a home-baked pie!

Goodguy: Fa-a-ancy intro, Zip!

Zippygirl: (giggles) Thanks! So, anyway, I like baking. My mom and dad aren’t too interested, but because I like seeing pretty cakes, I took up baking… Even to the point my mom is finally interested because once in a while I’ll bake delicious things for the house! My favourite are pies, because of the filling. This one is a pumpkin pie, baked last night just for everyone here!

Waterwings: Thank ya, Zippygirl!

Zippygirl: Sir… Mr. Earthsky, may I?

Mr. Earthsky: Would you be so kind to add more to the telling before we do so? Mr. Hazysky, I believe there is a knife to cut the pie in the class island counter. Would you be so kind to grab it for us?

Mr. Hazysky: Thoo-whoo.

((Mr. Hazysky flies off to grab the said knife.))

Zippygirl: This pumpkin pie took over an hour to bake, but it was fun! My favourite process is mixing all the ingredients…pumpkins, milk, eggs, spices and salt… Mmm… Creating the crust from scratch was the hardest process for me.

Purplewings: How long have you been baking for?

Zippygirl: About… four years ago? I was interested, but then instead of baking back then I did some cooking, but it wasn’t my thing.

Mr. Earthsky: I hope that there was parent supervision when you were that young…

Zippygirl: Yep! My aunt! She likes baking too, that’s where I got the idea of baking from. She has a cake shop!

Goodguy: And she means my mom.

Mr. Hazysky: Hoot!

((Mr. Hazysky lands beside Mr. Earthsky, a knife with him.))

Mr. Earthsky: Thank you, Hazy. Anything else you’d like to add before we cut your precious pie?

Zippygirl: (shakes head) No.


Mr. Earthsky: Calm down, Goodguy.

((Mr. Earthsky cuts the pie into pieces, and, with the aid of Zippygirl, has the whole class have some of the pie.))

Waterwings: This is soooooooooooo good, Zippygirl!

Purplewings: I agree… This is delicious…!

Goodguy: Delicious as always! Not to mention it being pretty this time!

Zippygirl: Thanks! (giggles) I’m just glad you like it.

Mr. Earthsky: My compliments to the chef, Zippygirl.

Goodguy: Whoa even Mr. Earthsky is praaa-a-aasing you!

Mr. Hazysky: Hoot.

Zippygirl: Haha… thank you, sirs!

Mr. Earthsky: Mr. Hazysky was telling Goodguy off, but I assume he would have enjoyed this delicious treat after all.

Mr. Hazysky: Tho-woo-thoo-woo…?

Mr. Earthsky: Efficient as always, Hazy. So, the next name is…

((Mr. Hazysky takes the next slip of paper.))

Mr. Earthsky: Waterwings!

Screen Shot 2018-01-13 at 7.29.36 PM

Waterwings: For show and tell… we just have to show them something and tell about it, am I right, sir?

Mr. Earthsky: Exactly so, Waterwings.

((The kangaroo then walks to the front of the class as Zippygirl returns to her seat.))

Waterwings: Um, so I like dancing… can I show y’all my dance…?

Mr. Earthsky: (nods) It’s a show and tell, you are more than welcome to do so.

Waterwings: A-alright then. I like to dance actually, which sound kinda weird, huh…?

Zippygirl: No! It’s very cool!

Purplewings: I can’t even dance a step!

Waterwings: Ahaha..

Goodguy: You don’t have to be shy!

Mr. Earthsky: Would you like some music to aid you?

Waterwings: I-if ya could that would be very lovely!

((Mr. Earthsky then stood up and moved to the back of the room, revealing a radio and found a disc that he inserts, and classical music starts playing.))

Waterwings: Eh? Don’t you h-have some kind of a more upbeat song?

Mr. Earthsky: Unfortunately this is the only one we have.

Zippygirl: You can do it, Waterwings!

((The blue kangaroo then closed her eyes and took deep breaths in and out, before moving aside to the rhythm of the song, throwing their arms and legs in and out.))

Purplewings: Whoa! Modern dance!

Nobleapple: (whisper) That’s so cool!

Zippygirl: Even though she had to improvise to the song… (giggles) Waterwings you’re so good at this!

((When the song ended, Waterwings slowly seem to fold herself, curling into a ball. The rest of the students clapped and cheered for the wonderful performance.))

Purplewings: That was great, dear!

Zippygirl: You’re so awesome!

Goodguy: Go, go, Waterwings!!

Waterwings: I’m so happy… y’all enjoyed it!!

Mr. Earthsky: Marvellous display of your hobby, Waterwings. 

Mr. Hazysky: Thoo-whoo…

Mr. Earthsky: Hazy! We’re not running out of time or anything…

Mr. Hazysky: Throo-doo-woo… 

Mr. Earthsky: Right… then…

((The owl then takes another slip of paper out, and Mr. Earthsky reads it.))

Mr. Earthsky: The next one is-

Screen Shot 2018-01-13 at 7.30.07 PM

Fireberry: SORRY I’M LATE!!

Goodguy: Fireberry? You’re late!

Fireberry: I know… I’m sorry!! I went to collect my item for the show and tell on the way to school… but… but… but I couldn’t find it!

Blueberry: What were you searching for?

Fireberry: My friend Silver the stone!

Goodguy: Silver the stone???

Nobleapple: Can you even say a stone can befriend you?

Purplewings: Noble!

Mr. Hazysky: Twoo-hoo-!

Mr. Earthsky: Yes, it seems like Fireberry has a story to tell for show and tell, then. Do calm down and have a little bit of pie, you’re up as you’re late, Fireberry.

Fireberry: I- ah, alright, ah, yes, sir!

Screen Shot 2018-02-26 at 10.29.20 PM

Fireberry: Since I couldn’t bring my friend over, I’ll just tell you about Silver…

((Fireberry shifts, pretending to hold something in her paws.))

Fireberry: Silver the stone is a very precious friend of mine. I found the lone stone under my window sill one day, and so I adopted him. Silver was with me wherever I go, I usually tuck him into my school bag pocket, but he seems to have wandered off today… Oh where can he be? Silver, Silver?

((Fireberry looks around, as if searching for the stone. She then moved her hands into motions.))

Fireberry: Silver the stone is… well, grey in colour, but seems to have a silver shine to him under the sunlight. Rather small… about this small.

((So saying, she uses her paws to show the approximate the size.))

Goodguy: Oh! That’s small!

Nobleapple: I’m not surprised you lost your stone.

Fireberry: Well… we go on adventures together… I hope he didn’t go without me…

Waterwings: Adventures?

Fireberry: (giggles) Well, we’d raid the Phantom castles together and ride on the back of Sir Gilbert after a heroic finish.

Purplewings: So, you mean make-believe?

Fireberry: Silver’s always been my adventuring buddy! You can’t just say that trip’s all a lie! We’d smash through Phantoms and solve puzzles.

Mr. Earthsky: (nods) Carry on.

Fireberry: I just hope I can find him soon… I’m worried sick!

((A long silence follows.))

Mr. Hazysky: Thoo-whoo?

Mr. Earthsky: Is that all for your presentation?

Fireberry: I’d like… to draw him if you’d let me!

Mr. Earthsky: (nods) Use the blackboard there, then.

((Fireberry then quickly hopped towards the blackboard and messily drew a small stone, careful to provide details.))

Goodguy: That is small.

Zippygirl: I hope you find him soon, Fireberry!

Fireberry: Thank you, Zippy!

Mr. Earthsky: If Fireberry’s done, we can get her some pie as she return to her seat.

Goodguy: Can I get seconds?

Mr. Earthsky: (sighs) Very well.

Zippygirl: Goodie…!

((Mr. Earthsky then cuts more pie and hands them to Fireberry and Goodguy as Mr. Hazysky pulls out the next paper. The owl then tapped Nobleapple.))

Nobleapple: Eh? It’s my turn? Alright then…

Screen Shot 2018-01-13 at 7.31.48 PM

((Nobleapple then took something out from his bag.))

Purplewings: Noble!!!

Nobleapple: What? It’s mine, so it should be fine.

Purplewings: No! I mean… how you carried it… it’s dangerous!! It could have broken into a gazillion pieces on the way to school!

Mr. Earthsky: Sorry for the interruption, but you can discuss of this matter later as siblings. As for now, why don’t we give the stage to Nobleapple?

Purplewings: S-sorry, sir.

Nobleapple: So, hey! For show and tell, I, Nobleapple will present you a cup. Mom and dad are usually off for a trip or adventure, so they’re usually not home. When they return, though, they’d bring us goodies! This one is my favourite one of all- a cup I use everyday. The texture, and the shape is very elegant, in my opinions. May I pass it around, sir?

Mr. Earthsky: (in a louder voice) Nobleapple will now pass this cup, please be careful not to drop or destroy it.

Class: Yes, sir!

((The cup was the passed around, each student touching it and peering into the cup.))

Nobleapple: I’ve had it since I was a child, so I don’t remember where it came from anymore, but I know that I’ve had it for my entire life. Sis has a similar one, but hers has a different colour so we don’t it get it mixed up.

Zippygirl: Twins having twin items are always cute!

Nobleapple: (nervous chuckles) I’m not too sure with that.

Purplewings: What do you mean by that?

Nobleapple: Anyway! I remember all sorts of things through this cup, oddly. I remember drinking soup even, from this cup when I was sick, because I was told that I didn’t want to drink from any other bowl. This cup isn’t even a bowl!

Waterwings: Haha…!! That was so random!!

Purplewings: Yeah, but ignoring my question…

Nobleapple: I remember also almost breaking Purple’s cup accidentally and she got sooooo mad at me she threatened to destroy mine.

Purplewings: (blushing) I did not do that!

Nobleapple: Yes way! However, I really like it when people who visit sees the cup and say, “Oh, you two have matching cups!”, because I love my sister, and I think it is cute to have twin items with my twin.

Purplewings: Haha… (blushing) Haha… Liar…!

Nobleapple: (winks) You can never tell if I am…! That’s all for now, thanks for listening!

Mr. Earthsky: Thank you, Nobleapple. The cup’s with me if you’d like to return to your seat…?

((Nobleapple makes his way to his seat as Mr. Hazysky pulls another name.))

Mr. Earthsky: Blueberry! You’re next!

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