Play Wild!



Play Wild’s welcome screen in September 2015.


October 2015- happy Night of the Phantoms!

image (4)

The loading screen on December 2015


Welcome page of Play Wild by March 2017, introducing the new animal sheep and pet poodles with the hero set.

image (1)

Animal Jam’s announcement on the loading screen about coming seals! Late March 2017.


A blast from the past! Direwolves are coming! An update in late March 2018.

Play Wild is an app released by Animal Jam for all on 18th August 2015. It has a similar game play to Animal Jam, where Jammers play as an animal avatar and roam the lands, meeting people, making friends, learning new things as they venture the worlds, interact with others through trading and playing games, such and such.

Welcome to Play Wild! Are you a new Jammer or an existing one?
image (1)

A new one? Alright, create a new animal and let’s begin!
To start off with, please select an animal you’d like to play as!
PRog Baby-Blue-Bell 1

Chosen? Excellent! Provide them a name and welcome to Jamaa!

Play Wild Lore

In October 2015, the lore of Play Wild is as the following:

image (2)It has been removed from the current Play Wild! last I checked on early April 2017.

Jamaa Journal

The Jamaa Journal issued in Play Wild does not bear the same news as Animal Jam. It mostly tells us the new updates that has arrived in the land. After closing it, the Jamaa Journal can be viewed again by going to Jamaa Township and checking the post there.


An old version of the Jamaa Journal with only one page

image (5)

The introduction of tigers!


Newer Jamaa Journals with around five pages.

image (1)

Is that Countess? A little before this, Jamaa Journals were released dates instead of issue volume numbers!

Screen Shot 2018-04-06 at 4.01.44 PM

AJHQ’s update around 06 April 2018 comes with a new Jamaa Journal format that reflects the Animal Jam version.


Similar to Animal Jam, the currency is called ‘gems’. Gems can be obtained by playing games, selling items and playing the daily treasure hunt. However, the ‘rare’ currency are called Sapphires, more or less the equivalent of Diamonds on Animal Jam. Sapphires can be received through purchasing them or by winning them in treasure hunts. Both currency can be used to buy items, but Sapphires can be used to buy a wider variety of items such as a wider variety or animals and pets, and even change the name of pets and animals.

Treasure Hunts


The old version of treasure hunts where each animal could access an area of their own and hunt their own treasure. The blue chest allows everyone to hunt treasure there.

Each animal has the power to journey other lands. There, they can discover treasures and claim it as their own. Every different day in a week, the prizes change, but repeats itself the next week. A variety of colours of the item could be found. Each Jammer has five keys per animal. However, if the person has another animal of the same species, the number of keys for that species will increase by one, with the maximum of ten keys.


Modern treasure hunting on Wednesday.

On Mondays, each Jammer is eligible to hunt of the Monday Rare. On Wednesday, Sapphire Wednesday offers Jammers a chance to earn free Sapphires.


Jamaa, the land that is peaceful and beautiful, home to many animals. Vast as it is, here are the discovered areas of the land. It’s appearance change as seasons pass.


The world map on October 2015, showing the Phantom Vortex entrances.


The world map around January 2017

Jamaa Township– ThThxe base of Jamaa, like a city square. You can find the statue of the benevolent Mira here, as well as the Panda Base. This part of the land has several elegant buildings with a river at the bottom of the area. You can also read daily news from the bulletin board set here. Often times people gather by the river and advertise hosted parties, looking for trades or just conversing with each other.

Prog baby-blue-bell2

Jamaa Township during the Night of the Phantoms in 2015.

  • Jam Mart Clothing- The perfect store to get all of your accessories and clothing to wear! Try on some of them and gaze into the mirror until there’s one you totally approve!
Prog generalzoi

Old look of the shop

  • Jam Mart Furniture- Looking for an item to place at your den? This is the perfect shop to look at items and purchase them!

Old look of the shop (2015)

image (4)

Modern Jam Mart Furniture (March 2017)

  • Pillow Room- Are you sleepy? Looking for buddies? The Pillow Room is lined with, well, pillows, perfect for you, and perhaps a buddy or two, to stay cozy and lazy together with a nice conversation in mind.
image (5)

Pillow Room, taken on March 2017.

  • Sapphire Shop- The most exclusive items are sold here! Looking for pets? Check! Animals? Check! Limited sets? Check! Den music? Check! A new den? Check! They’re all here, just remember to prepare your Sapphires!


  • Club Geoz- Grab a buddy and head over to Club Geoz, because that’s where the real party starts! The lights and the music is all you need to enjoy the groove!
image (1)

Club Geoz, taken on March 2017.

  • Panda Base

Temple of Zios- A land shrouded in the feeling of mystery, where a wide range of flora and fauna can be spotted. At the center of a pathway, a once glorious statue of Zios now stand wasted, in which Phantoms has made as their dwelling.

  • Chamber of Knowledge
  • Rabbit Base


  • Raccoon Base

Crystal Sands- A land by the sea, where the sand sparkles. Play by the seaside and enjoy the waves crashing against your legs as you take it all in. Relax by the hut on mats or in the hut afterwards and grab some smoothie! If you think you had experienced all this land has to offer, you’re forgetting to ride the slides!

image (6)

The slides lead towards the seas, unknown date of photograph

  • Juice Hut- Cool down here by getting a glass of juice, then rock on stage with your buddies with the guitar in place!
    • Smoothie Machine
    • The Claw

Juice Hut, 2017

  • Tierney’s Aquarium- Interested about the seas? Head over to Tierney’s and explore the seas with her!
    • Touch Pool Game

Taken on 16 April 2018, the aquarium rather crowded.

  • Tiger Base

Taken before tigers were introduced, Oct. 2015

image (1)

Coral Canyons, 2017

Coral Canyons- The mysterious terrain invites you to roam around freely and unlock the wonders! It’s time to discover exotic life here! It’s not just dry, there’s a river of life too!


Coral Canyons in 2015

  • Epic Wonders- Your mystical charms and items are located here. You’ll never find items as fascinating as these wonders! Two glowing orb in  blue cave with water is enough to charm you already.

imageimage (1)

  • Art Studio- Welcome! Explore the studio and look at some pottery. A shop at the end of the room might satisfy your thirst for art!
    • Art Shop
image (2)

Art Studio, February 2017.

  • Den Depot- Looking for a den? Look no more! Hurry over to the Den Depot and look at their catalog! This beautifully made structure allows you to walk on it’s mosaic floor and inspect miniature dens of what you’re about to purchase.

image (6)

  • Wild Explorers Tent- Once the area where Cami sets up her own little posts, now left bare without videos as of 16 April 2018. Oddly the video sign still appears, but devoid of the owner’s tracks…

An oddly crowded area, taken on 16 April 2018.

  • Wolf Cave- Welcome, wolves. This is a sacred area, a base for wolves, feel free to rest your weary soul and gaze at the crystals. Or perhaps, gaze at the lava and purchase a few goods.
    • Wolf Base Shop

image (2)image (3)

Canyon Pathway- The hidden corridor between Coral Canyons and Crystal Sands is not devoid of life! It’s the secret hideaway of horses!

  • Horse Base

image (7)image (8)
Both taken on 2017.

Sarepia Forest- The growing evergreen is filled with life! Walk along the forest floor or climb higher up with the wooden platforms prepared for you! Observe your surroundings. Who knows how many species of plants and animals are around you?

image (3)

Sarepia Forest- 2015

  • Sarepia Theatre- Check out videos being released here, because they’re all pawsome! Coming with a buddy? Grab some popcorn before you go! Both pictures taken on the 16th of April 2018.


  • Monkey Base
  • Lemur Base

Mt. Shiveer- Prefer the cold? This is the land for you! Explore the icy peaks and the wonders in this winter wonderland! It’s not just the ice you’ll be seeing and the snow you’ll be playing with, don’t forget to use the slides and climb the highest peaks!

image (3)

Play Wild’s first winter in Mt. Shiveer, 2015

  • Hot Cocoa Hut- Getting chilly? The warmth of the hut invites you!
    • Hot Cocoa Machine

Taken 16 April 2018- the warm hut warming everyone.

  • Arctic Wolf Base
  • Snow Leopard Base
  • Kangaroo Base

Appondale- The wildlife here calls for you, asking you to come visit and maybe take a dip in the mud wallow. Climb the tree. Is it the savannah you see?

  • Claws ‘N Paws- Did you hear that? You heard it right! The little critters are calling out for you. Pets and their items, it’s all available here.

image (3)

  • Fox Base
  • Lion Base

Kimbara Outback- Fascinating… Take a trip here and clear your mind from all your worries and listen to the wind blow. You’re more than welcome to relax here, and maybe stay for a little longer?

image (8)

Kimbara’s barren plains, it is often crowded, but it seems like Mythical came at the wrong time of the day to make friends

  • Medical Center
  • Outback Imports- Looking for furniture related to nature? Step right up! The best stone carved items are on display here and for sale!

image (9)

Other Locations:

  • Phantom Vortex– S-spooky! First released on October 2015, this is where Jamaa and the phantoms meet! Defeat the phantoms in a series of games to win rewards and vanquish them from this place of evil!

Taken on October 2015.


image (2)

Parties also exist in Play Wild. You can access them through the party hat icon. It has various of seasonal parties as well.

  • Wolves Only PartyIntroduced in October 2016, this party allows wolves to have a blast in a volcano! Lead your band in a song and play the claw.

image (6)

  • Dinner Party- Dress your best! Head over to the fancy restaurant and get seated with your friends, order the best Jamaa delicacies and enjoy the end of the day. Whether you pick to eat inside the restaurant or in the lawn, chatting is inevitable in this friendly atmosphere.

image (8)image (9)

  • Trading Party- Released on () 2015, this party is meant for you to rock out in a castle and look for the best trades!
image (4)

The crowded lawn of the Trading Party, 2017

  • X
  • Beach Party– Alright! Jump into the pool and climb up the stairs and down on a slide. Ahh, that was refreshing! It’s time for you to cool down!
image (4)

Going up to to reach the slide- why is Mythical drinking hot cocoa?? Taken at 2015.

  • Spooky Party- similar to the one in Animal Jam, this party takes place during Halloween in a spooky house, with a graveyard in their lawn… Did you hear that sound? What can that be?

Lawn of the Spooky Party on October 2015.

  • Jamaaliday Jam- The snow is falling! Winter is here! Explore the gingerbread house where you can enjoy the bliss of winter, warmly rested before the fire after trudging through the snow and sliding down snowy slopes.
  • Best Guess- Have your wits tested as you answer whether it’s true or false with other Jammers. Be amazed at some of the outrageous facts!
  • Schoolhouse Party- Ready to get back to school? Feel the vibes from this party that allows you to enjoy the school atmosphere in Jamaa!


  • Birthday Party- Happy birthday, Play Wild!! Enjoy your time on the cake as you explore the area. Why, creamy and sweet, just like a birthday!


  • Year of the Rooster- Venture the oriental area and gaze at the fireworks launched into the sky or the brilliant sun. Explore the area and take a dig in the pond, or even ride the small wooden boat in a corner.
  • Friendship Festival– Grab a buddy and celebrate the festivity in the luxurious palace, with a wide open garden for many of enjoy and savour.
image (6)

Lawn of the Friendship Party on February 2017. Mythical is off to smell the sweet flowers.

  • Lucky Party– Feelin’ lucky? The clovers of this area is more than enough to make you feel even luckier as you lounge around and hang around with buddies.
  • April Fools’ Party- 1st April is a day where things go up-side down! Topsy-turvy, here you are, standing on a cloud and into the ceiling you go! Climb up and to the basement – errr – the top floor of the party!

image (2)image (1)

  • Summer Carnival- Come now and join the summer fun! Play around in the stalls and get tickets to exchange for prizes! If not, create your own cotton candy and enjoy the bounce house!


  • Freedom Party- Welcome! Are you here to celebrate the fourth of July? You’re at the right place! First introduced on June 2017, this party will be a blast!
IMG_2582 (1)

“Where are the fireworks?” moaned Mythical, gazing at the sky.

  • Play-As-Your-Pet Party- Introduced in 6 June 2018, this party has a need for you to own a pet before entering a pet playground! With slides and friends all around, it’s time to have some fun!
    Screen Shot 2018-06-09 at 4.09.14 PM
  • TBA



You can find these games located in the games icon.


  • Smoothie Machine- Create your own smoothie! Strawberry? Orange? Banana? Grape? It’s your pick! Fun fact: You had to tilt your device back in 2015 to catch the fruits instead of using touchscreen!


  • Long Shot- Launch the armadillo from one terrain to another! The beach, the hot volcano, the icy barren land, see how far you can go!

image (1)image (2)

  • Pill Bugs- Your classic game is available to play! Load the flower and shoot out pill bugs and remove all the blue bugs from the board.
    • Prizes:
      • Gem prizes varies
      • Per remaining pill bug:
    • Level Prizes:
  • Overflow- Ready? Turn the tunnels from the sea to the moat of the sand castle, below bridges and passing by crabs.
    • Gems per tile/square
      • Easy:
      • Medium:
      • Hard:
      • Expert: 5
  • Falling Phantoms- Trouble! Phantoms are falling from a volcano and down to you! Finger on screen, avoid the phantoms that will soon end the game early for you!
  • Escape the Phantoms- A swarm of phantoms are on your tail! Run, quickly! Avoid the obstacles on the way as you escape from the clutches of death.
  • Phantom Dodger- Sliding across ice, be careful not to get hit by the many phantoms blocking your way.
  • The Claw- Did you see a plushie you like? Step right up and insert five gems into the machine and attempt to grab a plushie for yourself!


  • Best Dressed- Are you ready? The curtains are up! Dress up your best to the theme and smile at the spotlights as each Jammer take their vote at their favourite dress up. Check out the wardrobe and have the life of a fashionista!
    • Prizes:
      • Varies with tier level and number of tiers
image (3)

Waiting for everyone to vote or until time is up- an odd glitch is occurring to keep Mythical entertained as she tries not to laugh at her neighbour.

  • Jamaa Derby- Horses lined up, the count down starts. Three… Two… One… Go! Each horse pulls forwards, jumping to avoid obstacles and be the victor of the race.
  • Roll!!!!!- The title says it all. Help a little hedgehog get to the end of the level as you grab the controls and roll it to it’s cozy hole!


  • Jumbled Up!- In the chaos of items, find the desired item.
  • Gem Breaker- Phantoms are hidden in the gems! Do you have what it takes to race against time to take them down?
  • Block Break- Break the gems with a ball, that bounces on the trampoline. It’s all about breaking the blocks!
  • Touch Pool- image (4)
  • Fast Foodies- Hurry up! People are waiting to get served! Either in the Juice Hut or in Sarepia Theatre, they’re all lining up for treats to get started! Make smoothies, serve fruits, fry corn kernels and pop popcorn! Hurry up, they’re waiting!
    • Prizes:
      • Smoothie Stand
      • Fast Foodies Trophy
  • A Puppy’s Tale– Oh woe! The puppy’s bone was stolen by the Phantoms! Determined to get it back, the puppy races into the Phantom Palace and defeats the menacing proto-type Phantom for the sake of bones!
    • Prizes:
      • Easy: Phantom Beanbag
      • Medium: Proto-Phantom Mask
      • Hard: A Puppy’s Tale Trophy
      • Expert: Spotted Lab Puppy
  • Painting


  • Super Sweets- Released on October 2015 accessed through the Phantom Vortex, this game challenges Jammers to fight off Phantoms with the power of candy! Chain up candies and send your attacks blasting at those Phantoms to tell them a message clearly: Stay out of Jamaa!

Easter Eggs FindBun

  • Postmaster- Sort out the mail for Valentines! Released on February 2016, this game has several levels with increasing difficulty! Love letters, bouquet or roses and boxes of chocolates, and make sure you don’t accidentally send out the Phantoms and drop them to the waste bin!
    • Prizes:
      • Postmaster Hat
      • Postmaster Trophy

Mini-Games/PvP– Games played against other Jammers, one-on-one

  • King Pin– Knock your pins down and be
  • Ladybug Lane– Equivalent to Four Gem in Animal Jam. Line up four ladybugs horizontally, vertically or diagonally to win!
    • Prizes:
      • 1st: 250 gems
      • 2nd:
      • Tie:
  • Trivia– Quiz Jammers with animal and science facts! How much do you know about these little critters and natural science information Play Wild focuses on?
    • Prizes:
      • 1st: 250 gems
      • 2nd:
      • Tie:


  • Super Cube- Rotate this 4×4 cube around and make matches with two boxes of the same image! The one with the most matches win!
    • Prizes:
      • 1st: 250 gems
      • 2nd:
      • Tie:
  • Scooped– Create the same ice-cream as the one in the sample! Beware of your opponent and wrong order, because your ice-cream is going doooooooown!
    • Prizes:
      • 1st: 250 gems
      • 2nd:
      • Tie:
image (1)

I go a bit crazy if I play Scooped haha- sorry.

  • Pop’n- Phantom-shaped balloons float into the air. Make sure you pop the balloons of your colour to gain points!
    • Prizes:
      • 1st: 150 gems
      • 2nd:
      • Tie:
  • Checkers- Would you rather play a game of wits? One playing in Zios’ side, the other in the Phantoms’, sit back and think of a strategy to counter your enemy and be the ruler of the board!
    • Prizes:
      • 1st:
      • 2nd:
      • Tie:
      • Per Piece Eaten:
  • Marbles- See that marble? Use this bigger one to knock out all the marbles of your colour to ace the game! Choose the arena wisely to your own advantage, and start rolling away!
    • Prizes:
      • 1st: 125
      • 2nd:
      • Tie:
  • Jamaa Derby- Enjoy this one-on-one horse race as you jump above obstacles and eat carrots to boost your speed in the meadows, canyons or the lands of the Phantoms!
    • Prizes:
      • 1st:
      • 2nd:
      • Tie:
      • Per Gem Sack:
  • Jammer Log- Two beavers face off each other in who can chop down more tree than the other! While doing so, avoid obstacle and get gems!
    • Prizes:
      • 1st: 250
      • 2nd: 100
      • Tie:


  • Seaside Blitz- Oh no! What a bad day for a vacation. With your friend, your vacation plans are ruined as Phantoms rush towards you to have a dip in the pool! Weave through them and avoid being pushed into the pool. The last one standing wins the game.


  • Stack Attack- So many layers of cake! Stack them against the time, be careful that it doesn’t fall over! Mmm… cake!

Screen Shot 2017-09-08 at 4.04.36 PMScreen Shot 2017-09-08 at 4.04.46 PM

  • TBA

New V.S. Old

As the years go by, Play Wild has made several changes, such as to their lands and their play style, but also to their stores and layouts! Look at these screenshots below and compare them to your current Play Wild!

image (5)image (5)


  • Jamaaliday Gifts- On December 2015, the Jamaaliday Gifts were revealed and Jammers could log in every day of December to claim a gift.
image (2)

2015’s calendar, however I forgot about this and… didn’t play. Oops.

  • Keyboard- Play Wild has their own custom keyboard that appears when the keyboard or chat bubble is tapped on.


  • Eclipse- When the country of America goes hyped for the eclipse, Jamaa has been altered to enjoy the darkness for a little time, but always under the light and ever seeing eyes of Mira and Zios.



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